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Well, it has been a whirlwind ProGold Tour since it resumed the day after Christmas. The Tour’s first stop was in Huntsville, AL for a customized retro-fit for the ProGold van!  The van is even more organized and ready to deliver more outstanding ProGold products thanks to Scott Schlapman and his carpentry work along with several other Monte Sano Park folks! If you haven’t been to Huntsville, it is a worthy stop for truly skilled mountain bikers. There are some awesome bike shops in the area as well.
As the Tour progressed further west towards Houston, TX, stops were made at a number of different shops in the Houston area and there was some sweet riding at the Triangle and Ant Hills. Thanks to the shops and for the great hospitality of southeast Texas.

The ProGold van traveled further west to Austin, Comfort, and Warda, TX for several shop stops along the way, and the Marathon TMBRA Series first event of 2012. Over 85 miles were ridden, all lubed exclusively by the Progold Xtreme for the mountain bike in Warda, TX at Bluff Creek Ranch. Thanks to Dr. Paul and the crew of S & S Trails Design. Right after the event in Warda, ProGold got a phone call from Pam Jackson, DORBA President of Dallas with the news that the Superman event was being held in Fort Worth, TX the next day. The Superman Event, a first year event put on by Josh of Knobbies & Slicks Bike Shop, was treated to the Progold Individual Packet Towels and Xtreme Lube.  Very worthy trails can be found at Samsom Trails with over 1800′ evaluation change within and 54 mile lap. Congrats to all of the riders who completed the 56 Mile Superman event!!  Great JOB!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the 2012 ProGold Blog!


Bruce Dickman

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