The stuff just works!

During my time racing mountain bikes I’ve always held keeping my equipment working smoothly high up on the list. To that end I’ve always been big on cleaning and lubing my drivetrain and shifty bits in preparation for training and riding. The process of getting my bicycle tuned up, shifting smoothly, and quietly is one I’ve always found meditative and enjoyed.

I’ve always been loyal to what works, and to that end I changed my chain lube to Pro Gold after I received a sample at a race some years back.  I’ve used Pro Gold to stop squeaky drive trains and preform regular maintenance.  The stuff just works.

I’ve used Prolink chain lube rehab chains that have been through hellish conditions.  Some of my racing and training occurs in less than ideal weather. Once I’m done putting in my miles I know I can get my bike clean with the Pro Gold wash and wax and the chain clean with chain shine/ degreaser.  After the bike is clean I re apply a little lube and grease where needed and I’m ready for the next ride.

Making regular bike maintenance as much a part of the hobby as riding has helped keep it fun (I keep a stereo and stock of cold beverages in my shop to make working on my two-wheeled friends an easy process). I know the ProGold brand of products works, and I continue to count on them because they make maintenance easier and more worry-free, so I can spend more time on the trail and less time in the stand.

Carter Chappell

901 Racing


Carter Chappell