UCI Cyclocross World Championships

Dirty Drivetrain- before Blast Off!

Wow! Worlds Cyclocross in Louisville, KY. The Blast-Off Degreaser and Xtreme Lube worked awesome together during the nasty wet, cold, icy, and muddy conditions of the Masters and Elite races.
If you haven’t had a chance to try it, get some. It is truly an amazing product. The ability to blow out all the mud and ice in your cassette with one application makes Blast-Off quick and easy. You can read Drew Hager’s Blast-Off testimonial here. Several World Champion racers prefer ProGold Lubricants products to the competitors. Just saying. :) All the great ProGold products are available at our online store.

As the ProGold Tour 2013 continues west, stops were made in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona! ProGold will be at Epic Rides Old Pueblo in Tucson, AZ this week week.

Ride Well, Ride Safe in 2013

Bruce Dickman
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ProGold Heads Northwest

As March comes to a close, the ProGold Tour presses north/northwest to the land farthest from Georgia and ProGold Lubricants home base.  ProGold is heading into the great northwest of America and British Columbia in the coming months.

As I reflect on where the ProGold van has been, I also want to thank the many bike/cyclery shops that we have visited and given goodies to in the name of ProGold.

Since the last report, the Tour has visited LA, San Diego, San Pedro, San Dimas, Redlands, Orange County, Newbury Park and many others not listed here. We also want to thank the companies of J&B Distributors of CA, KHS, Giant, Oakley, Intense Cycles, Turner Supsension Bikes, and Specialized for their hospitality in showing the love while we toured California.

ProGold, in the last two weeks, has handed out well over 2000 1/2 ounce bottles of ProGold Xtreme and ProLink, along with the individual ProGold Towels. As ProGold turns north, we are heading to the Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival on April 14-16 and then on to the land of SEA OTTER, but only as a spectator. Look for us in our ProGold Kits handing out goodies to all individuals.


Look forward to seeing you soon. Ride Well Ride Safe with ProGold Lubricants in 2012.

Bruce Dickman

Voyager #2

The next Voyager is here! Issue #2 of ProGold’s comic book series follows the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived as he pedals his bike through a dangerous valley filled with strange creatures that time forgot. Will he master the ancient art of the Bicycle in time to save the entire world from the alien agenda? With the help of ProGold Xtreme and a handy ProGold Chain Gauge, he just might be up to the task! However, another biker is trailing him through the jungle, and her intentions are malevolent…




Read Issue #2 Here! (PDF, 6.3 MB)
Voyager Issue #2

Welcome ProGold Fans and Supporters to the 2012 ProGold Blog!


Well, it has been a whirlwind ProGold Tour since it resumed the day after Christmas. The Tour’s first stop was in Huntsville, AL for a customized retro-fit for the ProGold van!  The van is even more organized and ready to deliver more outstanding ProGold products thanks to Scott Schlapman and his carpentry work along with several other Monte Sano Park folks! If you haven’t been to Huntsville, it is a worthy stop for truly skilled mountain bikers. There are some awesome bike shops in the area as well.
As the Tour progressed further west towards Houston, TX, stops were made at a number of different shops in the Houston area and there was some sweet riding at the Triangle and Ant Hills. Thanks to the shops and for the great hospitality of southeast Texas.

The ProGold van traveled further west to Austin, Comfort, and Warda, TX for several shop stops along the way, and the Marathon TMBRA Series first event of 2012. Over 85 miles were ridden, all lubed exclusively by the Progold Xtreme for the mountain bike in Warda, TX at Bluff Creek Ranch. Thanks to Dr. Paul and the crew of S & S Trails Design. Right after the event in Warda, ProGold got a phone call from Pam Jackson, DORBA President of Dallas with the news that the Superman event was being held in Fort Worth, TX the next day. The Superman Event, a first year event put on by Josh of Knobbies & Slicks Bike Shop, was treated to the Progold Individual Packet Towels and Xtreme Lube.  Very worthy trails can be found at Samsom Trails with over 1800′ evaluation change within and 54 mile lap. Congrats to all of the riders who completed the 56 Mile Superman event!!  Great JOB!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the 2012 ProGold Blog!


Bruce Dickman

Blogging about all things ProGold

ProGold in Toronto!

The ProGold tour has been on the move since the last post! While in Toronto, Canada, I was able to tour the city by road and mountain bike! I visited over 20 bike shops including one shop, Urbane Outfitters, which is a co-op that has been around 30 years and caters mainly to the ‘fixie’ crowd! Well, ProGold Xtreme Lube came to the rescue. Also, while in Toronto, I was able to take in the sites of the islands and look back over this great northern city.

After hanging around the city, I took a look at the NUE (National Ultra Endurance Series) calendar and map and off I went 7 hours to the Wilderness 101 in Cogburn, PA. It is a great time with well over 500 of your closest friends who have some serious skills for riding mountain bikes. Well, there was no better time to break out the ProGold Xtreme Lube to prove the worth of this stellar lubricant. Check out the ProGold Bikes Facebook page for the lube love stories!!! The best part of the day was just being out with all the riders enjoying the ride, not the race!!!

After the event, ProGold treated all of the riders that wanted it to a free test of the ProGold Bike Wash!! At first, there were plenty of naysayers, but not after they tried the ProGold Bike Wash…they were totally sold on it!! Get some for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you!


Bruce Dickman

Elvis is Alive!

Well, the ProGold tour headed further north into the land of lakes in Canada this past week. One of my interesting stops was in Collingwood, Canada at the Elvis festival which has been going on for the last 17 years and is the largest of its kind in the world. Then it was off to the Three Rock Trail…60KM or 45 Miles of riding outside of Collingwood, where I was treated to or harassed by (it depends on how you look at it) some quality company. I got to ride with the current 40+ Cross County Champion, Alan Kriss; the current 40+ Marathon Champion, Terry Van DenHeuvel; and the current 24 Canadian Champion, Ken Merit. WOW…nothing like letting them try the ProGold Xtreme Lube and learning firsthand their experiences. Their thoughts were all positive except for one remark: “Come on, Bruce, why are we waiting so long for you?” Just sayin’!

Then Terry and I headed up to Buckwallow Trails in Muskoka, Canada. A new ProGold sponsorship was set up with Buckwallow Trails and we rode some great trails. During the meeting with Michael of Buckwallow Trails, we both shared our fondness for Spiderman and talked about trails throughout the states and the great northern country of Canada, EH! This is a very pretty area of the country and some ‘sick’ riding to boot! Pictures will follow later of The Buckwallow/ProGold Sponsorship. As the day finished up, I headed for a little blues in Toronto for the night.

As I tour this great country to the north, I am amazed at the way Canada sets up cycling paths and mountain biking venues throughout this land. Congratulations to the red maple leaf folks of this spectacular region of the world. I think it is awesome, but I am just not sure about the riding year-round. Maybe they can use the ProGold BikeWash/Degreaser to help rinse that snow and salt off of their bikes!

Keep checking back for more updates and please share the ProGold LOVE to all throughout the world!!!


Bruce Dickman

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ProGold Hits Canada!

WOW…being from Georgia where it is so steamy hot in the summer, Canada is a great place to hang in July! . I am in Quebec, Montreal, and Toronto, for the last two weeks. Hmm…no, not a vacation per say. :)

Let’s start with Quebec. It is an awesome place to go visit and ride around the old city of Quebec and check out the sites, bike paths, and French-speaking Canadians. I saw some of the most amazing views of the mighty Saint Lawrence River. And, I had a great meeting with Andre of Lambert Cycles. I also enjoyed sushi by the river… of course after an awesome road bike adventure with the ProGold Extreme Lube. One coating of this superb lube lasts well over 100 miles. I promise you that it doesn’t get any better!

I swung by Montreal on the way back for a quick stop and mountain bike ride at the Coaticook Gorge Trail. Then it was back in the ProGold Van for a journey to the Durham Forest in Ontario and a stay at the Hawks Nest. I stayed in a cabin from 1812 across the street from the Durham Forest mountain biking trails. I also rode my bike through a ‘posion ivy forest’ in the Ganaraska Forest one hour east of Toronto. This trail, I promise you, is a great trail except for the 4-6 feet high wall of poison ivy on each side of the 12 inch trail. Great Stuff. Once I was back in the parking lot from the poison ivy forest, I washed off with ProGold Bike Wash (just kidding, not really). Then I was off to a meeting with the Durham Mountain Bike Association or DMBA www.durhammountainbiking.ca. They are a 500-strong mountain bike community of Canadians, EH!

The rest of the week was filled with shop stops and meeting with local clubs. This weekend it is the Duke’s Summer Epic 8 Hour Relay at Hardwood Hills Mountain Bike Venue. I can’t wait for this. The ProGold peddlers are away with ProGold Extreme.

The next stop on the quest is downtown Toronto for a few days and a cruise around Lake Ontario. More coming soon!


Bruce Dickman

Blogging about all things ProGold!

Tour d’Burg 2011

The Tour D Burg is complete with 300 Miles completed in 6 Days. The likes of Harlan Price, Nick Waite, Sam Koerber, Dickey, Rob Spruce, YT, Drew Scharns, and Daryl Prilliman made this year’s tour one for the books! Thanks to Pro Gold Extreme Chainlube for the no-hassle problems of chain squeak on the 300 Mile Tour. A must bucket list event to get to if you’re a HARD CORE rider (not for the faint of heart FYI!).

After finishing the Tour D Burg, the ProGold quest continued on its trek north to the land of DIRT RAG MAGAZINE. Great to catch up with the ladies and gents of Dirt Rag for the afternoon, followed by a kick-ass mountain bike ride in Dirt Rag’s backyard.

The tour progressed northward with stops made in Buffalo for a jaunt across the mighty Niagara Falls, and into Canada for lunch, by bike of course, with a little of ProLink Lube, added to make the trip peaceful.

As the quest travels further north to Waterbury,VT, dropping off product and attending the Vermont Bike Festival on July 16 s on the agenda.

Check back next week for a recap of Kingdom Trails & the Vermont Bike Festival. Until then, check us out on Facebook at ProGold Bikes and like us!


Bruce Dickman

Blogging about all things ProGold!