Freedom Ride

WOW! ProGold Extreme has been over 700 miles of the entire Blue Ridge Parkway. There were only a couple of flats, a rear derailleur issue, a problem with a bottom bracket, and some minor scrapes for the 12 brave Freedom Riders. The ProGold Extreme has been tested and passed each and every 80-100mile day thrown its way over the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway. What a great job to all of the riders that are representing this great country. Every night, the ProGold Degreaser/BikeWash is being used on all bikes to take the grime off and then the bikes are tuned up, thanks to the best mechanic in the world, Alan Grove. OH YEAH!!

Well, as the ProGold Tour/Freedom Ride rolls into Washington, D.C. this week and then up to New York City for the 10th anniversary of 9/11, you can get in on the photo contest if you’re lucky. Just visit for all of the details. Congratulations again to all of the riders and support folks making this historic event possible.


Talking about all Things ProGold & Freedom Ride 2011

Bruce Dickman