ProGold heads West!

After a break back to Atlanta in late February until early March, the ProGold Tour 2012 has traveled to southern California for 3 incredible events. The first event was at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, CA which held the Pro XTC where over 700 riders were in attendance. Stan’s No Tube Women’s Team was again supported with the ProGold Lubricants products. Jenny Smith, Vicky Barclay, Sarah Kaufman, Kelia Hart, and all other participants in the event were treated to the ProGold Degreaser/Wash compliments of ProGold Lubricants.

It was amazing to see the reaction of the riders as their bikes were brought back to *NEW* by the ProGold Degreaser/Wash. I highly recommend you contact your local bike shop for a chance to make this ‘miracle’ happen for your neglected and filthy bike. Along with the bike wash, each participant got a 1/2 oz bottle of ProGold Extreme.

The next event ProGold attended was in San Diego, CA along the coast at The Pink Peleton where they cater to the ladies. The ProGold Tour was able to provide the ProGold Bike Wash for their annual cleaning event for each participant. Please check out the Pink Peleton in Cardiff, CA.

As the Tour progresses up the coast and inland through the beautiful landscape of California, the Tour is stopping at the LBS’s to demonstrate the stellar ProGold Products. Check in next time…the tour will be making stops at the following locations: Fontanna race on March 24-25; Santa Cruz Festival, April 14-15; and, walking around Sea Otter on April 22, 2012.


Please Ride Well and Ride Safe in 2012 with ProGold.

Bruce Dickman

ProGold Tour in Arizona

10 Pound Bike


WOW…Since my last entry, the ProGold Tour has been on a tear through Arizona.  Stopping in Tucson, AZ, the ProGold Tour visited ALL of the bike shops, Tri, Genuine Innovations, and Fair Wheel Bicycles online boutique shop. Progold also sponsored the University of Arizona Cycling Club Crit on January 21 around the campus of UA…Go Wildcats!

Several big names were in the field like Cole House, Gord Frasier, Eric Marcotte from Elbows Racing which ProGold Sponsors, Brian Matter of Kenda Geargrinder, Alisha Welsh from the Primal Wear Team, and Chloe Woodruff the Producer/Director of the UA Cycling Crit.

If you haven’t had a chance to try the ProGold Bike Wash/Degreaser, it is highly recommended that you get some and leave it on for about 5-10 minutes to see the miracle that happens if you use it full strength with a toothbrush on the cassette and chain.  Then you just rinse it off with some water. Miracles do come in a plastic bottle!

Well, next week is SSUSA AZ and the Old Pueblo 24 Hours here in Tucson, AZ. The Progold van is going to be at both events while also making stops in Flagstaff and Phoenix in the coming weeks.


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Bruce Dickman

ProGold Hits Canada!

WOW…being from Georgia where it is so steamy hot in the summer, Canada is a great place to hang in July! . I am in Quebec, Montreal, and Toronto, for the last two weeks. Hmm…no, not a vacation per say. :)

Let’s start with Quebec. It is an awesome place to go visit and ride around the old city of Quebec and check out the sites, bike paths, and French-speaking Canadians. I saw some of the most amazing views of the mighty Saint Lawrence River. And, I had a great meeting with Andre of Lambert Cycles. I also enjoyed sushi by the river… of course after an awesome road bike adventure with the ProGold Extreme Lube. One coating of this superb lube lasts well over 100 miles. I promise you that it doesn’t get any better!

I swung by Montreal on the way back for a quick stop and mountain bike ride at the Coaticook Gorge Trail. Then it was back in the ProGold Van for a journey to the Durham Forest in Ontario and a stay at the Hawks Nest. I stayed in a cabin from 1812 across the street from the Durham Forest mountain biking trails. I also rode my bike through a ‘posion ivy forest’ in the Ganaraska Forest one hour east of Toronto. This trail, I promise you, is a great trail except for the 4-6 feet high wall of poison ivy on each side of the 12 inch trail. Great Stuff. Once I was back in the parking lot from the poison ivy forest, I washed off with ProGold Bike Wash (just kidding, not really). Then I was off to a meeting with the Durham Mountain Bike Association or DMBA They are a 500-strong mountain bike community of Canadians, EH!

The rest of the week was filled with shop stops and meeting with local clubs. This weekend it is the Duke’s Summer Epic 8 Hour Relay at Hardwood Hills Mountain Bike Venue. I can’t wait for this. The ProGold peddlers are away with ProGold Extreme.

The next stop on the quest is downtown Toronto for a few days and a cruise around Lake Ontario. More coming soon!


Bruce Dickman

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