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Ok, since my last blog entry, ProGold Lubricants has been in Texas for over 3 weeks. Since that time, ProGold has traveled to the Tour de Gruene, San Antonio, Austin, Waco, Dallas, and Tyler, all in Texas, which seems to be almost a country unto itself. Next, the ProGold van left TX for Oklahoma and toured the bike shops of Tulsa, and got in a little riding around Turkey Mtn (serious, no pun here in reference to TDay coming up). The shops in Tulsa were amazing. Everyone had the original formula of ProLink and some even carried the PG2000 and ProGold Luber Pens. Yeah, Baby! Gotta love these OK shops!

As the ProGold Tour progressed further east towards Hot Springs and the Ouachita/ Womble Area of Arkansas, we were able to see the benefits in sponsors at the last mountain bike race of the series in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Great folks and great turn out for a cold and wet day. A special thanks to the Henne Family for the guided tours of the Arkansas landscape. A must destination stop on the way back West in January for sure!


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Bruce Dickman

Even More Stops on the ProGold Tour

Since the last blog entry, the ProGold Tour has been on a tear through Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas, with almost 60 shops covered in these states so far with all of the great ProGold products. The ProGold Towels and ProGold Wash/Degreaser have been the biggest hits so far on the tour. As the ProGold Tour moved through the different towns such as Memphis, Little Rock, Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Abilene, and so many others, the ½ oz ProGold Extreme bottles have been passed out to over 1000 riders and more to come.

The Tour did a stop in Abilene, TX last week where the ProGold LOVE was shared with over 300 Texans in the middle of the Lone Star state. What a great race, and congratulations to Biketown of Abilene for a superb job with the event. The entire town got behind the race by sponsoring a cook-out and music and just a down-home Texas-style bike race.

The Tour progresses over the next month with stops in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Sherport , Hot Springs, Missouri and Alabama before the ProGold van heads back to Atlanta. The Tour is mainly focusing on the shops this time around with making sure that each and every shop has the best quality and up-to-date products for their shops. The Tour is also dropping off the latest version of the Voyager comic book for each shop, and you can also download a copy for your entertainment at progoldmfr.com/comic/.

Well, as always, enjoy the ride. RIDE WELL, RIDE SAFE.


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