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It has been about six months since I left the state of Georgia for the ProGold Tour 2012. In that time I have covered 20-some states and given out over 10,000+ 1/2 oz bottles of ProGold Extreme or ProLink. As I sit here flying back to Birmingham, Alabama for the 21st annual BUMP & GRIND, I am reminded of the awesome folks that ride for fun or for sport or professional status. We truly have a great network of the wheels/spokes/nipples as it goes round and round each turn. Thanks to all of you that either read or enjoy the pics of the tour.

This tour has been an eye-opening event for me personally on many different levels. First, I have gotten to travel to places I wouldn’t have ever dreamed I would get to and ride with some amazing folks. Just yesterday I met up with the Sea to Shining Sea tour. It is a group of wounded war veterans that are riding 3800+ miles across the USA to make Memorial Day in Va. Beach, VA. (my home town fyi). Yes, ProGold hooked them up with the ProGold goodies of Degreaser/Wash and ProGold Extreme for the long journey. Folks, the ProGold Extreme can travel over 200+ miles before needing another drop on the chain. This is truly a test for the ProGold Extreme. The Sea to Shinning Sea group also got some stickers, Voyager comics, ProGold Bike Wash, and Luber Pens. Plus, some of the lucky ones even got some ProGold MFR Gun Lube!! Yep that is right! Ride well, ride safe Veterans.

As I try to reflect on where else the Tour has traveled, I can tell you that one of the best places to ride is in the Annadale State Park in Santa Rosa, CA. I had the pleasure of hanging with the guys and gals of Norcal Bikes and The Bike Peddler for the weekend. I even got to share the ProGold Love with a top notch mechanic named Glenn. He is the owner of Norcal Bikes. He not only owns, but wrenches, for Levi and a lot of the professional tours. Yep, he got some ProGold Love too. :) What is really interesting as I travel is one trivia question I continue to ask (nope…nothin’ to do with ProGold, but where is Thomson Bike Parts made. Well, Glenn gave me the state and city without a second thought. That makes only five folks in all of the state of California who have known that answer.

Well, when the ProGold Tour continues north, we are venturing into the land of the great northwest and even greater western Canada. EH. The Tour stops consist of Portland, Ashland, Eugene, Seattle, Vancover, Fernie, Squamish, Whitefish, Montana, Ketchum, Idaho, Salt Lake City, and beyond, just to name a few. Please remember to ask for the ProGold products at your local bike shop and if they don’t have them, then order them online at www.progoldmfr.com.


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Bruce Dickman

Ride Well Ride Safe

Welcome ProGold Fans and Supporters to the 2012 ProGold Blog!


Well, it has been a whirlwind ProGold Tour since it resumed the day after Christmas. The Tour’s first stop was in Huntsville, AL for a customized retro-fit for the ProGold van!  The van is even more organized and ready to deliver more outstanding ProGold products thanks to Scott Schlapman and his carpentry work along with several other Monte Sano Park folks! If you haven’t been to Huntsville, it is a worthy stop for truly skilled mountain bikers. There are some awesome bike shops in the area as well.
As the Tour progressed further west towards Houston, TX, stops were made at a number of different shops in the Houston area and there was some sweet riding at the Triangle and Ant Hills. Thanks to the shops and for the great hospitality of southeast Texas.

The ProGold van traveled further west to Austin, Comfort, and Warda, TX for several shop stops along the way, and the Marathon TMBRA Series first event of 2012. Over 85 miles were ridden, all lubed exclusively by the Progold Xtreme for the mountain bike in Warda, TX at Bluff Creek Ranch. Thanks to Dr. Paul and the crew of S & S Trails Design. Right after the event in Warda, ProGold got a phone call from Pam Jackson, DORBA President of Dallas with the news that the Superman event was being held in Fort Worth, TX the next day. The Superman Event, a first year event put on by Josh of Knobbies & Slicks Bike Shop, was treated to the Progold Individual Packet Towels and Xtreme Lube.  Very worthy trails can be found at Samsom Trails with over 1800′ evaluation change within and 54 mile lap. Congrats to all of the riders who completed the 56 Mile Superman event!!  Great JOB!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed the first installment of the 2012 ProGold Blog!


Bruce Dickman

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Even More Stops on the ProGold Tour

Since the last blog entry, the ProGold Tour has been on a tear through Arkansas, Alabama, Tennessee, and Texas, with almost 60 shops covered in these states so far with all of the great ProGold products. The ProGold Towels and ProGold Wash/Degreaser have been the biggest hits so far on the tour. As the ProGold Tour moved through the different towns such as Memphis, Little Rock, Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Abilene, and so many others, the ½ oz ProGold Extreme bottles have been passed out to over 1000 riders and more to come.

The Tour did a stop in Abilene, TX last week where the ProGold LOVE was shared with over 300 Texans in the middle of the Lone Star state. What a great race, and congratulations to Biketown of Abilene for a superb job with the event. The entire town got behind the race by sponsoring a cook-out and music and just a down-home Texas-style bike race.

The Tour progresses over the next month with stops in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Sherport , Hot Springs, Missouri and Alabama before the ProGold van heads back to Atlanta. The Tour is mainly focusing on the shops this time around with making sure that each and every shop has the best quality and up-to-date products for their shops. The Tour is also dropping off the latest version of the Voyager comic book for each shop, and you can also download a copy for your entertainment at progoldmfr.com/comic/.

Well, as always, enjoy the ride. RIDE WELL, RIDE SAFE.


Talking about all things ProGold,

Bruce Dickman