ProGold Proves Itself Again

The ProGold product line has proved itself time and time again over the last 2 years. Two major events reinforced my belief in ProGold; This years’ Cyclocross Masters World Championships and the Hilly Billy Roubaix in Morgantown WV.

I had the opportunity to spend a week in Louisville and stand in the pits in the mud and rain for the Masters CX World Champs with the Pathfinder of WV race team. Day one of CX worlds consisted of getting settled in and making sure that the race rigs were tuned, cleaned, and ready to race. Expecting rain and mud for the day two’s seeding heat I made sure to use ProGold Xtreme on both bikes. After the muddy seeding heats I used ProGold Carbon Frame Bike Wash, Pro Towels, and Degreaser to restore both SuperX’s to out-of-the-box looks. Pro Towels even helped clean out the hotel tub after being used as a makeshift bike wash. I was thinking that the Masters finals would be a rinse and repeat of the seeding heats, which was far from true. After finding out that the power washers were frozen and we would be limited to buckets and cleaners only I was handed a can of Blast Off Degreaser. Yet again ProGold saved the day. Throughout the 4 races I was in the pits Blast Off was never out of sight. I was able to completely clear the frozen drivetrains every half lap. Xtreme kept the chain running smooth and unfrozen, and Blast Off was able to remove any mud frozen to the derailleurs and rings. Throughout all the heats and main events we didn’t have a single drivetrain malfunction thanks to ProGold Products.

Not that Xtreme Lube needed to be proven again, but the 76 miles of gravel roads, mud, creek crossings, and paved roads of the Hilly Billy Roubaix proved to be brutal for bikes and the racers (myself more than most). Knowing that the conditions were going to vary from dusty, to mud, to flat out being under water I decided to prep my F29 with Xtreme Lube after a wipe down with Pro Towels. Within the first 5 miles of the race a bottle-cage-deep mud puddle brought me to a crawl. After continuing on and using a bottle to spray off what I could while riding I was a bit worried how my bike was going to hold up for the next 67 miles. 8 Hours later, crossing the finish line my drivetrain was as quiet and smooth as it was rolling off the start line. I was demolished but ProGold kept my rig running smooth all day.

Every time I pack for a race the same bin gets loaded up. ProGold, Xtreme, Bike Wash, Degreaser, Pro Towels, Blast Off, and a luber pin or 2. I have yet to find a need for anything more or less in my time working in a shop, wrenching for a collegiate team, local team, and racing. This is one brand I still by for life.

Sean Hilty
USA Cycling