ProGold Hits Vermont

WOW! Another terrific sponsorship has been added between the Kingdom Trail Association and ProGold here in East Burke, Vermont. With over 1000 riders each weekend coming from Canada and all around the USA, it seemed like a no-brainer to work together and help bring ProGold even further in the upper reaches of the Northeast. I have had a couple of incredible days riding with 12 cyclists from all over Canada from the ages of 23-62 and all are worthy riders.

The ProGold Bike Wash has turned into the biggest hit with the northern folks and hopefully throughout Vermont. The spray cleaner removes dirt and grime, it is non-toxic, and it is safe on all parts, including carbon. Check out ProGold Bike Wash…you can even wash your clothes with it!

As the ProGold quest continues, we are making our way down to help build new trail at Pine Mountain with the Vermont Mountain Biking Association and help spread the word about ProGold products to all riders across Vermont. The next stop will be the Vermont Bike Festival in Waterbury.

On Saturday night, we roll into Canada for a 2 week+ stay.


Bruce Dickman

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