Krista Park

Krista Park

Krista Park, a mountain biker based in the US southwest, has a history with outdoor sporting, including skiing, soccer, and hiking. She and her husband Todd are full-time RVers and travel a lot. When she’s not mountain biking, she likes to put her technical skills to use building custom bikes.



Career Highlights

  • 2013 new focus: Enduro Racing
  • 2012: Was selected to the USA XC Olympic Long Team consisting of seven racers, raced most European World Cups (with a significant shoulder injury).
  • 2011: Raced the entire XC World Cup Series, raced the World Championship in Switzerland as as part of the USA XC National Team, finished 5th in the ProXCT (USA Pro National Series).
  • 2010: 3rd at USA Marathon Nationals, raced the World Championship in Germany as part of the USA Marathon National Team finished 28th.

What is your favorite ProGold product and why?

ProTowels. For the last two years I have been racing white bikes, I love clean bikes but don’t like washing them. I keep a tub of towels in the RV and one in the truck, my bikes can usually be cleaned with 2-3 towels (1 for the chain and pulleys, 1-2 for the rest of the bike). The individually wrapped towels are great for travel and hotel rooms, no more hoping I can find a hose. If I find mud then the Degreaser + Wash and a hose or bucket of water is my 1st choice.

What is your favorite ProGold story?

The latest thing that comes to mind is something that happened during a local underground Arizona Endurance Series race. We had snow and mud which is not at all typical for the area, I decide to start late (ITT) and found a competitor J-bake off course heading into town to an ACE hardware to purchase any kind of lube he could find. After the race almost everyone mentioned that they had the mini bottle of Extreme either at home or in the car but none of us (AZ folks) had thought to throw it in our Osprey packs. Luckily I had applied Extreme before the ride and my drivetrain was perfect for all 56miles, I was really surprised.

What is your favorite trail?

There is no way to pick one. There are great sections of trail everywhere, some that stand out from 2012 are: the rocky DH section of the Cyprus Point-to-point with medics in red shirts perched on the rocks on the edge of the cliff. The muddy steep, rocky, techy France World Cup DH sections that I “raced” with a shoulder injury (three severed ligaments). Moab Whole Enchilada with new Durango, CO friends last Fall, it’s the only time I’ve ridden that trail and I can’t wait to go back.

How often do you clean your bike?

I wipe down my bike before almost every ride.
How many bikes do you have and what is your favorite?
This varies, but right now I have a Cannondale Flash 26” (SS), Flash 26” (hardtail), Scalpel 26” (full-suspension) all of which I run with 26” or 27” wheels, sometimes with a 29” front wheel depending on terrain (Lefty forks are awesome!), and a SuperSix (road bike). I have a Jekyll 26” (Enduro bike) on the way and will be switching to 29” F-29 (Flash) and Scalpel for 2013.

Charity Interests

My interests typically involve events or organizations that are women and young people oriented, such as Girl Bike Love, NICA (high school mountain biking), AZ Devo, Durango Devo, and Trips for Kids. I am now trying to set up a women’s MTB camp with SRAM and Cannondale.