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Justin Lindine

Justin Lindine is a cyclcocross and mountain bike racer primarily, but also dabbles in the world of road racing from time to time. Basically a fan of anything with two wheels, Justin recently moved from the Northeast where he grew up learning to race in the mud and on the roots to the slightly different climate of Ogden UT.  Luckily, whether it’s rain and mud or dusty desert, ProGold makes a product to cover all his riding adventures.  He lives with his wife Jess and their cat Logan.  When he’s not racing Justin tries to write as much as possible, go fly fishing and plan his future farm-homestead.

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Career Highlights

9x UCI Cyclocross Career Vctories

Winner of The Transylvania Epic MTB Stage Race Overall, and 5 individual stages

Masters 30-34 National Cyclocross Champion

8th National Cyclocross Championships, Elite Men

Winner of the Verge New England Series of Cyclocross


Favorite ProGold Product and Why:

I’d have to go with the ProTowels.  Having a tub of those around, or traveling with the small packs is the easiest way to touch up a bike so that it looks fresh and clean for the next days race.  Now that I’m living in UT where I don’t have to wash the bike quite as often in training, I’ll come back from rides and just detail the bike with one of the towels and call it good!  The textured side really lets me scrub any crusted gunk off, and the smooth side finishes everything off.

Favorite ProGold Moment:

After one of the stages of the Transylvania Epic that had been a total mess of rain and mud and sand and grit for the last three hours, Brian Matter and I made our way over to the ProGold bike wash station where Bruce was waiting for riders to show up.  I was pretty shattered and Bruce gave my bike the detailing with Degreaser/Wash and new Xtreme Lube.  I was pretty psyched to just sit there zoning out while my bike got cleaned like new.

Favorite Trail:

There’s an area in Maplecrest NY where I grew up called Elm Ridge.  The whole network has been expanded a lot since I was a kid, but I still love the original upper Elm Ridge trail.  It’s flowy and fun and I think I could literally ride it with my eyes closed I’ve been over it so many times.  It’s one of the first things I want to do whenever I’m home.



How many bikes do you own, and which is your favorite:

Right now I have six bikes in the shed, three mtn bikes, two cross bikes and a road bike.  It’s hard to pick a favorite since they all have their time and place.  I do really love the versatility of the cross bikes though…sort of a go anywhere, do anything kind of machine.


How often do you clean your bike:

Whenever they are dirty, of course!  In seriousness though , it depends on the conditions.  If it’s muddy out, or in cross season where the conditions can get pretty bad day-in and day-out, I am cleaning the bikes full on after every ride or race.  If it’s dry and dusty like it is here in UT for a lot of the summer I find that I can get away with just wiping down the bike a lot of the time rather than doing a complete wash.  The important thing is keeping the drivetrain super clean and well lubed, so that is always a focus.  Beyond that, clean components last longer and look better, so I always try to keep things in top shape.  I’ve spent a lot of years working in bike shops, so I know that a clean bike looks fast, is fast and makes you feel fast!