Congrats Brian Matter on 4th win of Iceman Cometh In Traverse City Michigan

Iceman Returneth!


10 years later! Still on a carbon Trek bike w/ Bontrager wheels, XTR components, and Rock Shox Suspension!

Wow – So pumped I don’t know where to begin. My goal this year was to win the Triple Crown and have a repeat performance of my 2004 season 10 years later. I was a bike length away from accomplishing that goal…

Of course I also wanted to win another Iceman and become the only 4 time winner in the mens race.

As I was preparing for Iceman I felt like everything was going against me. My dog Oscor was diagnosed with Cancer the week prior and I had to cancel my trip to Cincy, I did a local CX race instead and my pedal broke which made me really nervous about my 2nd set of pedals on my mtb bike, I crashed pretty hard and broke my race bike during my final training ride the night before I was scheduled to depart. All stressful things in there own special way. I had fleeting thoughts that I might never win Iceman again with the increasing level of competition every year and my increasing age!

Luckily I have an awesome wife who is a nurse and is giving Oscor the best care possible. Luckily I have and awesome CX mechanic who helped out with the broken bike. Luckily Matt O from Trek Factory Racing helped me with a pedal swap 30 minutes before the race started! Luckily I have done this a time or two and I knew I was fit and just had to make it to the start line.

I arrived to TC Thursday night at about 8pm and just walking in the front door of the Grand Traverse I felt more relaxed, almost at home. I still remember to this day back in 1993 walking in the front door and going up the glass elevator to my room with Dan from the Village Cyclery in Pinckney, Andy, and the Buermans for my very first Iceman. This year was no. 21! Hard to believe.

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