Carter Chappell and ProGold a Outstanding Pair

This weekend I raced in the Montgomery Bell Classic Tennessee State XC

The race was held during a constant downpour with trail conditions
turning to a solid sheet of mud and trail fodder.

I prepared by using ProGold Extreme Chain Lube to keep my drivetrain tight.
Even through the worst of the race when I put extreme pressure on the
drivetrain, things ran smoothly. I attribute a maintenance plan that
centers around ProGold products to maintaining a bicycle that works in
event the worst of conditions. My best effort was good enough for
third place in the State category 1 Men’s 30-39 division.

The Finish

Carter Chappell’s effort was good enough for
third place in the State category 1 Men’s 30-39 division.


After the Race I used Blast Off Degreaser, followed by Citrus Chain
Shine, Bike Wash, Bike Shine,  and another application of Extreme Lube
to top things off.


Before cleaning with ProGold products.



After good as new.


I can’t thank ProGold enough for making products that stand up to the
level of abuse I put my equipment through. Without such outstanding
products I might not have had such a  great experience.

2014 SRAM Gold Rusch Tour

We are very thankful for Pro Gold’s support of the 2014 SRAM Gold Rusch Tour.  Backing from our sponsors ensures that we are able to do the best, organized, and most fun outreach to a variety of women- and Sea Otter was a huge success!

Participant Newsletter

We will be working on a followup newsletter that will go out to the ladies who joined the Tour No-Drop Ride and/or Ladies Lounge in  two weeks.  As a sponsor, you have the opportunity to add text and/or a promotion to the newsletter.  Please email me information you’d like included.  We will of course link to your website and can share any promotions you have going on.  This is a great opportunity to get direct contact with the women who learned about your product at our stop.

Event Photos

Our on-site photographer got some great pictures of the events at Sea Otter.  You can view photos specific to your company though this link:


You are welcome to use these pictures in all of your social media. If you would like other pictures for social media, please just email me what you’d like and I’ll see if we have one that will fit your request.  If you’d like to purchase the pictures for advertisements, please let me know and I will get you in contact with the photographer.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Again, thank you for all of your support of these amazing events.

Colleen Quindlen

Business Manager, Rusch Relations


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The stuff just works!

During my time racing mountain bikes I’ve always held keeping my equipment working smoothly high up on the list. To that end I’ve always been big on cleaning and lubing my drivetrain and shifty bits in preparation for training and riding. The process of getting my bicycle tuned up, shifting smoothly, and quietly is one I’ve always found meditative and enjoyed.

I’ve always been loyal to what works, and to that end I changed my chain lube to Pro Gold after I received a sample at a race some years back.  I’ve used Pro Gold to stop squeaky drive trains and preform regular maintenance.  The stuff just works.

I’ve used Prolink chain lube rehab chains that have been through hellish conditions.  Some of my racing and training occurs in less than ideal weather. Once I’m done putting in my miles I know I can get my bike clean with the Pro Gold wash and wax and the chain clean with chain shine/ degreaser.  After the bike is clean I re apply a little lube and grease where needed and I’m ready for the next ride.

Making regular bike maintenance as much a part of the hobby as riding has helped keep it fun (I keep a stereo and stock of cold beverages in my shop to make working on my two-wheeled friends an easy process). I know the ProGold brand of products works, and I continue to count on them because they make maintenance easier and more worry-free, so I can spend more time on the trail and less time in the stand.

Carter Chappell

901 Racing


Carter Chappell

Thank You ProGold



After a hard 50 miles in the high desert of Prescott, AZ at the Whiskey 50, I used ProGold products to restore my bike back to it’s top performing condition for my next race at The 12 hours of Mesa Verde.

-First, I used the ProGold Foaming Citrus Degreaser to clean the the drivetrain.
-Second, I used the Degreaser + Wash to wash the entire bike, removing hours worth of dirt and grim.
-Third, I used the ProGold Pen Lube to lubricate the Jockey pulleys, threads and pivots on the Skewers, and Pedals.
-Fourth I used ProGold Extreme Chain Lube on the chain, one of the most important component on a Singlespeed.
-And last but not least, I applied the ProGold Bike Shine to the frame, fork, handlebars, and wheels to give it that showroom floor look again.

Kirby Bryant
Durango, CO


Clean Bikes Work Better and Last Longer

Travis Racing

When you are living out of hotels, vans, and suitcases it’s not always easy to be prepared when it’s time to clean or maintain your bike.  Even if you don’t travel with your bike, no one wants to spend lots of time scrubbing their bike. I certainly do not want to. The ease and effectiveness of ProGold products (many of which come in travel/individual packaging) ensures that cleaning my bike on the road is not a daunting task.

One of my favorite products is the BIKE SHINE bike polish.  It makes the flat black of our Wilier bikes look great.  Black collects dirt, dust, drink mix, and whatever you encounter on the road.  Not only does the polish make your bike shine like new, it also helps keep it that way.  Repelling dirt, dust, and water by forming a protective layer on the surface of your frame, to keep it cleaner for longer.  When applying the polish it is important to keep it away from your brakes and braking surfaces.  I apply the polish to a rag, other soft cloth, or paper towel and then wipe down the frame with the polished rag.  It takes less than 60 seconds!

Clean bikes work better and last longer.  But more importantly they LOOK COOLER!  ProGold has all the products you need to simplify your cleaning process.  Don’t spend a lot of time cleaning your bike,  just spend the that time choosing the right stuff to do the job quickly and correctly.

Travis Livermon
SmartStop –Mountain Khakis Pro Cycling

Travis Livermon