ProGold’s 2017 Event Schedule

ProGold Tent

ProGold is excited to get the 2017 season going, stop by our tent and say Hello. Below is a list of the events, the ProGold Tent will be attending for the 2017 race season.


1 Feb. 11th Gone Riding Series Palm Coast, Florida Mountain Bike Race
2 Feb. 17,18 & 19 Epic Rides-24 Hours Old Pueblo Tucson, Arizona Mountain Bike Race
3 Feb. 25th & 26th Gone Riding Series Hialeah, Florida Mountain Bike Race
4 Mar. 4th & 5th Gone Riding Series Sunrise, Florida Mountain Bike Race
5 Mar. 10,11 & 12 Santos Fat Tire Bike Show Santos, Florida Consumer Show
6 Mar. 18th & 19th Gone Riding Series Newberry, Florida Mountain Bike Race
7 March 25 & 26 Gone Riding Series Hialeah, Florida Mountain Bike Race
8 Apr. 1st & 2nd Gone Riding Series Bryson City, N.C. Mountain Bike Race
9 Apr. 8th and 9th Gone Riding Series Conyers, Georgia Mountain Bike Race
10 Apr. 20 thru 24 Sea Otter Classic Monterey, California All Aspects
11 Apr. 28,29 & 30 Epic Rides-Whiskey Off Road Prescott, Arizona Mountain Bike Race
12 May 7th Gone Riding Series Orlando, Florida Mountain Bike Race
13 May 19,20 & 21 Epic Rides Grand Junction Off Road Grand Junction, Colorado Mountain Bike Race
14 June 3rd NUE Race-Mohican 100 Loudonville, Ohio Mountain Bike Race
15 June 17th NUE Race-Lumberjack 100 Wellston, Michigan Mountain Bike Race
16 June 24th & 25th WORS Race-Red Flint Firecracker Eau Claire, Wisconsin Mountain Bike Race
17 July 7, 8 & 9 WORS Cup Cascade Mtn., Wisconsin Mountain Bike Race
18 July 14-15-16 Dirt Fest West Virginia Mountain Bike Festival
19 July 22 & 23 WORS Collective Coffee Bean Classic Waukesha, Wi Mountain Bike Race
20 July 29, 30 & 31 UCI Mountain Bike Race Walpole, Massachusettes Mountain Bike Race
21 August 5th Concord Criterium Concord, N.H. Road Race
22 Aug. 11,12 & 13 Pro GRT/XCT Windham, N.Y. Mountain Bike Race
23 August 19th NUE Race-Crotched Mountain100 Bennington, N.H. Mountain Bike Race
24 August 26 & 27 WORS Treadfest Lake Geneva, Wi. Mountain Bike Race
25 Sept. 3rd NUE Race-Shenandoah 100 Harrisonburg, Va. Mountain Bike Race
26 Sept. 9th Gone Riding Series Ocala, Florida Cyclocross Race
27 Sept. 16th & 17th Gone Riding Series Tallahassee, Florida Mountain Bike Race
28 Sept. 28,29,30 Oct. 1 KMC CrossFest Thompson, Connecticut Cyclocross Race
29 Oct. 13,14 & 15 Coldwater Mountain Fat Tire Fest Anniston, Alabama Festival
30 Oct. 21st & 22nd Cyclofest-Interbike East Charlotte, NC Trade and Consumer Show
31 Nov. 3rd & 4th Iceman Race Traverse City, Michigan Mountain Bike Race
32 Nov. 11th & 12th Philly Bike Expo Philadelphia, Pa Consumer Show
33 Dec. 2nd & 3rd Gone Riding Series Hialeah, Florida Mountain Bike Race
34 Dec. 9th & 10th NC Cross Hendersonville, NC Cyclocross Race

Catching up with ProGold Ambassador Brian Matter

Clinics, Carson, and Camps: Oh My


It wasn’t long at home before the crazy travel kicked into full force!  A trip to the UP to Copper Harbor for the Big Boy Skillz Clinic, a flight from a tiny UP airport out to Tahoe for the Carson City Offroad, and then back to the UP for Michigan Tech Jr. Mtb Camp:  check it out.


3 Days of Skills in Copper Harbor! Not Bad!

If you haven’t been to Copper Harbor you need to get there, the town is magical and the riding is even better!



20 people walked away stoked on Mountain Biking and with more confidence than ever!

The Top of Brockway Mtn has some amazing views for miles and once you are up top….back down is a blast!

Read the full post @


Cyclocross Magazine awards ProGold for best chain lube


For 2015, Cyclocross Magazine voters overwhelmingly choose ProGold as their favorite lubrication for their cyclocross bike.
ProGold has been a friend of the cyclocross community for years, even helping out those with the muddiest of bikes. For riders who are unlucky enough to escape the harshest conditions of cyclocross, ProGold has its standard Prolike chain lube, but for the rougher conditions, the company also offers their Xtreme chain lube.


Job Well Done

Eric Marcotte led a 1-2 finish for his team SmartStop in a field sprint to capture the men’s national road title at the 2014 Volkswagen USA Cycling Professional Road & Time Trial National Championships in Chattanooga, Tenn.

(all photos by Jonathan Devich)

14USPRoRR115914USPRoRR527914USPRoRR513214USPRoRR0237B 14USPRoTT1264


Clean Bikes Work Better and Last Longer

Travis Racing

When you are living out of hotels, vans, and suitcases it’s not always easy to be prepared when it’s time to clean or maintain your bike.  Even if you don’t travel with your bike, no one wants to spend lots of time scrubbing their bike. I certainly do not want to. The ease and effectiveness of ProGold products (many of which come in travel/individual packaging) ensures that cleaning my bike on the road is not a daunting task.

One of my favorite products is the BIKE SHINE bike polish.  It makes the flat black of our Wilier bikes look great.  Black collects dirt, dust, drink mix, and whatever you encounter on the road.  Not only does the polish make your bike shine like new, it also helps keep it that way.  Repelling dirt, dust, and water by forming a protective layer on the surface of your frame, to keep it cleaner for longer.  When applying the polish it is important to keep it away from your brakes and braking surfaces.  I apply the polish to a rag, other soft cloth, or paper towel and then wipe down the frame with the polished rag.  It takes less than 60 seconds!

Clean bikes work better and last longer.  But more importantly they LOOK COOLER!  ProGold has all the products you need to simplify your cleaning process.  Don’t spend a lot of time cleaning your bike,  just spend the that time choosing the right stuff to do the job quickly and correctly.

Travis Livermon
SmartStop –Mountain Khakis Pro Cycling

Travis Livermon

Voyager #3: He’s back!

ProGold’s comic book series continues with Voyager #3! The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived has successfully traversed the harsh cliff-side trails of the Forgotten Valley. However, saving the world from enslavement by extraterrestrials will be no easy task; as he enters the final leg of his journey, aliens aren’t the only ones out to get him.

Featuring more action, more bikes, and more ProGold!

Read Issue #3 Here! (PDF, 7.98MB)

Voyager #3


Dirty Drivetrain- before Blast Off!

Using the word “mechanic” is accepted for pit workers during a cyclocross race, but the racers do not come in for mechanicals as much as they do for a clean bike. A racer may roll a tire or drop a chain, but when they come in the pit for such it isn’t because they still plan on victory…it’s just to finish at that point. The racers coming in to exchange their 35 pound mud coated rigs, they are still dogs in the fight and need the advantage of a clean 16 pound bike with nothing impeding their drive train or clogging up the brakes.

Most races’ pit mechanics are just standing there just in case and may do a bike exchange for a racer that wants a different tire selection or air pressure, but it is feast or famine. Muddy races provide a certain challenge for the pit staff, methodically washing a bike and freeing the drive train takes more work and less patience than simply turning a limit screw or adjusting PSI. Your job is to not let the race conditions decide the race for your athlete. You have to know how much time between pits you have to get the task done, you have to figure out what “good enough” is and you have to know what resources you have available.

Any good pit crew should have two mechanics, tools, a wash bucket and an array of brushes for every surface of the bike and drive train, and then comes the necessary fluids.

A week and a half ago was the Masters Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville KY. I went to Kentucky on Friday to be a pit mechanic for 3 races throughout the day. Upon getting set up for the first race of the day we realized that the previous day’s mud was still there, NOT frozen back over like we’d though it would but instead insulated by a light fluffy layer of snow. This was about to be a GROSS day despite the 18 degree high for the day! We set up shop in the pits only to find that the pressure washers were completely frozen up and would not be available. This was a MAJOR problem.

Being dedicated to making sure our racers would be limited by the conditions as little as possible, the selection of fluids I mentioned earlier became more important than ever!

Being a ProGold user, Prolink aerosol, Xtreme and I would soon learn Blast Off were the selection for today.
Once we filled our wash bucket and added de-icer to it to keep it liquid the races were off. We would soon see that any attempt to hand wash these bikes resulted in iced over drive trains and pedals that were unable to be lubed. Realizing that a completely clean bike was improbable with out the pressure washers we focused on removing clumps of mud by hand, clearing the brakes and focusing on a clean, freely shifting drivetrain. Blast Off became the game changer during these races. It’s powerful solvent quickly melted away the ice and mud from drive train and pedals, clearing a catalytic path for Xtreme to be applied and the powerful propellant did it’s name sake proud BLASTING stuff it was aimed at OFF.

After a lubed drive train with Xtreme, Prolink coated all the derailleur pivots, pedals and down tube to keep a barrier between components and mud for quicker removal next pit stop.

I would say that after three races in these conditions our selections were fruitful because two out of three landed on the podium in the World Championships!

Thanks to Bruce for that second can of Blast Off, we began to panic when we emptied the first one!
I reckon I should also give a shout out to Pro Towels for cleaning the mud off of my brush handles when I got back home too!

Drew Hager
Industry Nine


GA Cyclocross Championship 2012

Here are a couple of photos from the Georgia Cyclocross State Championship from earlier this month.

The race was held at Sandy Beach Park located on Lake Tobesofkee in Macon, GA. Cyclo-Cross challenges riders with a variety of obstacles, tight turns, steep climbs, and descents. The course is just over 2 miles long with the races lasting either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes.

ProGold Ambassadors

ProGold Ambassadors 2013

ProGold Lubricants has been on a mission this year to spread the word about its amazing products, which included sponsoring numerous events over the last 18 months.

ProGold is also pleased to announce its own list of Ambassadors for 2013. These ambassadors will help spread the ProGold love through social media, blogs and clinics throughout the country.


Along with a whole list of team sponsorships, Trips for Kids events, Ladies’ clinics, trail work days, and numerous other events, ProGold will continue to support cycling into the coming years. As the new year approaches, ProGold needs your help in making sure your LBS (Local Bike Shop) is carrying your ProGold products. Please go in and ask the owner to carry your favorite ProGold Products.

As ProGold continues to grow and expand its line in 2013 you will see the ProGold team in several places this year. Check out this website for further details. We are planning a major trip to the northeast next year along with stops in AR, MI, WI, PA, CA, IL, OH, NY, VT, TX, and of course our friends north of the border, Canada!

Please remember to always Ride Well, Ride Safe.

Bruce Dickman