Voyager #3: He’s back!

ProGold’s comic book series continues with Voyager #3! The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived has¬†successfully¬†traversed the harsh cliff-side trails of the Forgotten Valley. However, saving the world from enslavement by extraterrestrials will be no easy task; as he enters the final leg of his journey, aliens aren’t the only ones out to get him.

Featuring more action, more bikes, and more ProGold!

Read Issue #3 Here! (PDF, 7.98MB)

Voyager #3

Voyager #2

The next Voyager is here! Issue #2 of ProGold’s comic book series follows the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived as he pedals his bike through a dangerous valley filled with strange creatures that time forgot. Will he master the ancient art of the Bicycle in time to save the entire world from the alien agenda? With the help of ProGold Xtreme and a handy ProGold Chain Gauge, he just might be up to the task! However, another biker is trailing him through the jungle, and her intentions are malevolent…




Read Issue #2 Here! (PDF, 6.3 MB)
Voyager Issue #2

Voyager Comic

Presenting the new ProGold comic book: Voyager!

Follow the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived as he attempts to escape from the dense jungles of wherever on board a cross country bike.

Check out the first issue online!