Thank You from IPMBA

Thank you for participating in the 2014 IPMBA Conference in Tampa, Florida.  Although this letter is long overdue, we truly appreciate your support!  IPMBA is committed to assisting industry suppliers in their efforts to market to the public safety community.


Although you were not able to join us in the exhibit hall, we appreciate your contributions to our conference.  Attendees enjoyed their welcome bags and the items found within as well as the opportunity to bid on many excellent products.  If you donated an item and would like to contact the person who secured your product, please let me know.


Please see the article posted at about all of our wonderful supporters.


At the first conference of bike-mounted police, in 1991, our founding fathers could only dream of a future with thousands of police, EMS, and security personnel riding bikes in the line of duty.  On the eve of our 25th Annual Conference, public safety cycling is widely recognized as effective, economically smart, community oriented, and good for the environment, too.


Please take advantage of the many ways that IPMBA can help you increase your visibility in the market.  For more information about corporate membership, advertising in IPMBA News, participation in the IPMBA Product Purchase Program, sponsorship opportunities, and/or exhibiting at next year’s conference, please contact me at 410-744-2400 or


Thank you again for supporting IPMBA.  We look forward to seeing you in the Exhibit Hall at the 25th Annual IPMBA Conference in Chandler, Arizona.




Maureen Becker
Executive Director
International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA)

In case you haven’t heard!

Brian Matter 2Well – Hopefully you know by now, but if you don’t I’m stoked to let
you know I pulled off another Chequamegon Fat Tire 40 win!  Making my
total number of victories Six!

They race is pretty special.  If you haven’t been or haven’t seen the
pictures check out this video.  2500 bikes rolling out together for
the start of one of the biggest and most iconic races in the US.

Again, I couldn’t go it without your support.  Whether its been for
this season or since my first Chequamegon in 2003 I’m really really
thankful for this opportunity to turn my passion of racing bikes into
my ‘job’.


Brian Matter


Brian Matter 3


Brian Matter 1

Carter Chappell and ProGold a Outstanding Pair

This weekend I raced in the Montgomery Bell Classic Tennessee State XC

The race was held during a constant downpour with trail conditions
turning to a solid sheet of mud and trail fodder.

I prepared by using ProGold Extreme Chain Lube to keep my drivetrain tight.
Even through the worst of the race when I put extreme pressure on the
drivetrain, things ran smoothly. I attribute a maintenance plan that
centers around ProGold products to maintaining a bicycle that works in
event the worst of conditions. My best effort was good enough for
third place in the State category 1 Men’s 30-39 division.

The Finish

Carter Chappell’s effort was good enough for
third place in the State category 1 Men’s 30-39 division.


After the Race I used Blast Off Degreaser, followed by Citrus Chain
Shine, Bike Wash, Bike Shine,  and another application of Extreme Lube
to top things off.


Before cleaning with ProGold products.



After good as new.


I can’t thank ProGold enough for making products that stand up to the
level of abuse I put my equipment through. Without such outstanding
products I might not have had such a  great experience.

Job Well Done

Eric Marcotte led a 1-2 finish for his team SmartStop in a field sprint to capture the men’s national road title at the 2014 Volkswagen USA Cycling Professional Road & Time Trial National Championships in Chattanooga, Tenn.

(all photos by Jonathan Devich)

14USPRoRR115914USPRoRR527914USPRoRR513214USPRoRR0237B 14USPRoTT1264


I only trust ProGold !!

My name is Jon Pettit.  A wonderer, lover of getting lost, bike rep, wrench, appreciator of great whiskey and cold pbr’s.  I’ve traveled the US down the continental divide, spent my youth in the muck and mud of the Pacific Northwest ruining equipment and burning through lubes, cleaners and what not’s, now I rip across the desserts of the southwest in the dust and heat encountering all sorts of mechanical issues and harsh vegetation.  I Co-habitat with a pro racer, my garage seems to be the local shop, I’ve lost count of the amount of builds, overhauls and repairs done in one of my favorite spaces.

I use whatever works, and works the best.  I met Bruce in Prescott for the first real time, and have since kept in steady contact with the nomadic lube man.  He dispatched some of his goods a couple years back and to my surprise, it wasn’t a junk hand off, I’m skeptical of products that boast such names as “the best stuff ever?!!!!!   Usually means you’re going to use it till it’s gone and go back to your old ways.  But from day one, I was proved wrong and not only does Bruce use his enthusiasm for bikes but it matches his knowledge of products.  We sometimes have 8 bikes that hang in the garage, and right now I have another two bikes I’m building for friends.  The girls rode team was in town earlier this year, and that meant washing 8 bikes every day, cleaning, lubing and riding, and we tried to get some bike work done too….

From the progold bike wash/degreaser, luber pen (my personal favorite), extreme lube, citrus degreaser and the gnarly blast off that will surely cure any ugly incident.   I turned some wrenched for FCS/Zngine earlier this year for the San Dimas road race and a couple others.  While traveling with the team I wasn’t able to bring out my usual accoutrement of tools and goodies.  I sorely missed my ProGold loving, working with subpar cleaner and lubes was frustrating, and didn’t leave the bikes with the usual shine and sparkle, when you’ve got Amber Neben winning the TT, you want the bike to be perfect.

From the road rigs, tt bikes and more importantly the mountains bikes that see thousands of miles of abuse in the dusty, rocky heavens of Arizona and beyond I only trust ProGold to leave me with the end result I’m looking for, and while doing clinics for SRAM and Rockshox Its only going to be progold products that get used on my own rides and those I get to fix in the compounds of my compound.

There’ll be more from the trail, but use the best, leaves us for more time on the trails, with people and friends we love and of course whiskey and ice cold PBR’s, until next time JP.

Stop Off at the Handmade Show/Denver

Well since the Last ProGold Blog Entry, ProGold was able to attend the Handmade Bicycle Show in Denver. All Hand-builder’s received, 1 can of Steel Frame Saver and a ProGold cassette sticker. During the Handmade Show ProGold was introduced to Andy Hampsten.  He politely informed me he is a huge fan of the ProLink, which if you haven’t heard is fourth in the Facts & Friction Velo News study, so of course ProGold Hhoked Andy up with all the ProGold goodies. Enclosed are a couple of pics of the awesome bikes from the show.

What an incredible show; ProGold will be in Charlotte NC next year as a sponsor. The amazing work of these Bicycle Shop Owners/ Handmade Bike Builders is not only limited to road bikes, but also mountain, tandem bicycles, cruisers, & fat bikes. While in Denver, ProGold got to stop at about 30 LBS over the days and even got to stop in on Sports Authority Corporate :) !


As ProGold continues on it’s 2013 Tour, stops will be made in Murietta, CA for the Tour of Murietta. The Following day ProGold will hop over to Bakerfield, CA for the Kerrysville Classic Event. Then on to  Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival in Aptos, CA. Of course stops will be made at the LBS of several California shops. As March comes to a close ProGold will then Turn towards Monterey, CA. for  the Sea Otter event and at the end of the month for the Whiskey 50.

Trick to using the ProGold Extreme Lube, don’t put it on as often -it LASTS! Ride Well Ride Safe in 2013.  Bruce.

Handmade Show

Handmade Show



UCI Cyclocross World Championships

Dirty Drivetrain- before Blast Off!

Wow! Worlds Cyclocross in Louisville, KY. The Blast-Off Degreaser and Xtreme Lube worked awesome together during the nasty wet, cold, icy, and muddy conditions of the Masters and Elite races.
If you haven’t had a chance to try it, get some. It is truly an amazing product. The ability to blow out all the mud and ice in your cassette with one application makes Blast-Off quick and easy. You can read Drew Hager’s Blast-Off testimonial here. Several World Champion racers prefer ProGold Lubricants products to the competitors. Just saying. :) All the great ProGold products are available at our online store.

As the ProGold Tour 2013 continues west, stops were made in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona! ProGold will be at Epic Rides Old Pueblo in Tucson, AZ this week week.

Ride Well, Ride Safe in 2013

Bruce Dickman
Blogging about all things ProGold

ProGold 2013 Blog

ProGold Van

As ProGold Van Starts its 2013 Tour, ProGold is busy finishing up the WORLD AMBASSADOR program and getting all the sponsored teams, races and events nailed down for 2013. Busy time, but down time as well. It is good to be home for a few weeks. Now as the ProGold Van has been getting new brakes and touched up with a new front window and a vent fan, we are almost ready to depart for new exciting adventures with ProGold Lubricants. Check out for all your bike care products by ProGold!

To keep up in 2013, check out the Facebook page and Twitter feed for where the ProGold Tour will be in 2013. Have a awesome year and remember to RIDE WELL RIDE SAFE ALWAYS.

Bruce Dickman

ProGold Ambassadors

ProGold Ambassadors 2013

ProGold Lubricants has been on a mission this year to spread the word about its amazing products, which included sponsoring numerous events over the last 18 months.

ProGold is also pleased to announce its own list of Ambassadors for 2013. These ambassadors will help spread the ProGold love through social media, blogs and clinics throughout the country.


Along with a whole list of team sponsorships, Trips for Kids events, Ladies’ clinics, trail work days, and numerous other events, ProGold will continue to support cycling into the coming years. As the new year approaches, ProGold needs your help in making sure your LBS (Local Bike Shop) is carrying your ProGold products. Please go in and ask the owner to carry your favorite ProGold Products.

As ProGold continues to grow and expand its line in 2013 you will see the ProGold team in several places this year. Check out this website for further details. We are planning a major trip to the northeast next year along with stops in AR, MI, WI, PA, CA, IL, OH, NY, VT, TX, and of course our friends north of the border, Canada!

Please remember to always Ride Well, Ride Safe.

Bruce Dickman