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After a hard 50 miles in the high desert of Prescott, AZ at the Whiskey 50, I used ProGold products to restore my bike back to it’s top performing condition for my next race at The 12 hours of Mesa Verde.

-First, I used the ProGold Foaming Citrus Degreaser to clean the the drivetrain.
-Second, I used the Degreaser + Wash to wash the entire bike, removing hours worth of dirt and grim.
-Third, I used the ProGold Pen Lube to lubricate the Jockey pulleys, threads and pivots on the Skewers, and Pedals.
-Fourth I used ProGold Extreme Chain Lube on the chain, one of the most important component on a Singlespeed.
-And last but not least, I applied the ProGold Bike Shine to the frame, fork, handlebars, and wheels to give it that showroom floor look again.

Kirby Bryant
Durango, CO


Clean Bikes Work Better and Last Longer

Travis Racing

When you are living out of hotels, vans, and suitcases it’s not always easy to be prepared when it’s time to clean or maintain your bike.  Even if you don’t travel with your bike, no one wants to spend lots of time scrubbing their bike. I certainly do not want to. The ease and effectiveness of ProGold products (many of which come in travel/individual packaging) ensures that cleaning my bike on the road is not a daunting task.

One of my favorite products is the BIKE SHINE bike polish.  It makes the flat black of our Wilier bikes look great.  Black collects dirt, dust, drink mix, and whatever you encounter on the road.  Not only does the polish make your bike shine like new, it also helps keep it that way.  Repelling dirt, dust, and water by forming a protective layer on the surface of your frame, to keep it cleaner for longer.  When applying the polish it is important to keep it away from your brakes and braking surfaces.  I apply the polish to a rag, other soft cloth, or paper towel and then wipe down the frame with the polished rag.  It takes less than 60 seconds!

Clean bikes work better and last longer.  But more importantly they LOOK COOLER!  ProGold has all the products you need to simplify your cleaning process.  Don’t spend a lot of time cleaning your bike,  just spend the that time choosing the right stuff to do the job quickly and correctly.

Travis Livermon
SmartStop –Mountain Khakis Pro Cycling

Travis Livermon

ProGold Proves Itself Again

The ProGold product line has proved itself time and time again over the last 2 years. Two major events reinforced my belief in ProGold; This years’ Cyclocross Masters World Championships and the Hilly Billy Roubaix in Morgantown WV.

I had the opportunity to spend a week in Louisville and stand in the pits in the mud and rain for the Masters CX World Champs with the Pathfinder of WV race team. Day one of CX worlds consisted of getting settled in and making sure that the race rigs were tuned, cleaned, and ready to race. Expecting rain and mud for the day two’s seeding heat I made sure to use ProGold Xtreme on both bikes. After the muddy seeding heats I used ProGold Carbon Frame Bike Wash, Pro Towels, and Degreaser to restore both SuperX’s to out-of-the-box looks. Pro Towels even helped clean out the hotel tub after being used as a makeshift bike wash. I was thinking that the Masters finals would be a rinse and repeat of the seeding heats, which was far from true. After finding out that the power washers were frozen and we would be limited to buckets and cleaners only I was handed a can of Blast Off Degreaser. Yet again ProGold saved the day. Throughout the 4 races I was in the pits Blast Off was never out of sight. I was able to completely clear the frozen drivetrains every half lap. Xtreme kept the chain running smooth and unfrozen, and Blast Off was able to remove any mud frozen to the derailleurs and rings. Throughout all the heats and main events we didn’t have a single drivetrain malfunction thanks to ProGold Products.

Not that Xtreme Lube needed to be proven again, but the 76 miles of gravel roads, mud, creek crossings, and paved roads of the Hilly Billy Roubaix proved to be brutal for bikes and the racers (myself more than most). Knowing that the conditions were going to vary from dusty, to mud, to flat out being under water I decided to prep my F29 with Xtreme Lube after a wipe down with Pro Towels. Within the first 5 miles of the race a bottle-cage-deep mud puddle brought me to a crawl. After continuing on and using a bottle to spray off what I could while riding I was a bit worried how my bike was going to hold up for the next 67 miles. 8 Hours later, crossing the finish line my drivetrain was as quiet and smooth as it was rolling off the start line. I was demolished but ProGold kept my rig running smooth all day.

Every time I pack for a race the same bin gets loaded up. ProGold, Xtreme, Bike Wash, Degreaser, Pro Towels, Blast Off, and a luber pin or 2. I have yet to find a need for anything more or less in my time working in a shop, wrenching for a collegiate team, local team, and racing. This is one brand I still by for life.

Sean Hilty
USA Cycling

Devon Balet: Testimonial

Forget what you use to think of chain lube.

There are a few things in the cycling world that are heavily debated, one of which is chain lube. Dry lube, wax based lube, lube on a ride or let it dry. Every detail of chain lube can be debated.

Over the winter I have been doing some testing on the Pro Gold Extreme, a newer chain lube in the Pro Gold line up. My first experience of the brand started 15 years ago while I was working in a bike shop growing up. I worked in a mostly road shop and we praised and swore by the Pro Gold lube. Over the years many other chain lube options have come about, but the Pro Gold brand is still holding strong.

With in the increase in popularity of mountain biking, so came the necessity to create lubes that were geared towards mountain biking. Mountain bikers cross streams, ride in sand and tend to be negligent of their equipment.
One major subject of debate with chain lubes is how often do you need to lube your chain. In my opinion, people tend to over lube their chain, then causing issues they thought they would avoid by lubing. The past few months I have been seeing just how long I can go without reapplying lube.
Before setting out on a three day tour, I washed my bike with the Pro Gold Pro Towels and then gave the chain a healthy dose of Pro Gold Extreme. The Extreme lube has been reformulated to be longer lasting and hold up to the conditions of mountain biking. After pedaling my bike 220 miles in three days, my chain was still going strong. No squeaking and the chain was completely clean. I knew that my route didn’t hand out the same conditions as a single track ride would, so the tests continued.

The desert of Arizona will dish out just about everything you could ever need to test a chain lube. Stream crossings, deep sand, blowing dirt, dry climate and hot hot sun. After 160 miles of single track and two weeks of travel with my bike on the back of my van, my chain is still perfectly clean and perfectly quiet. Hellacious dust storms, stream crossings leaving your lower body soaked, NorCal morning frost and humid salty air of the west coast and the Extreme lube continues to impress.

So the question really is; How far can you go on a single lube application?

Stop Off at the Handmade Show/Denver

Well since the Last ProGold Blog Entry, ProGold was able to attend the Handmade Bicycle Show in Denver. All Hand-builder’s received, 1 can of Steel Frame Saver and a ProGold cassette sticker. During the Handmade Show ProGold was introduced to Andy Hampsten.  He politely informed me he is a huge fan of the ProLink, which if you haven’t heard is fourth in the Facts & Friction Velo News study, so of course ProGold Hhoked Andy up with all the ProGold goodies. Enclosed are a couple of pics of the awesome bikes from the show.

What an incredible show; ProGold will be in Charlotte NC next year as a sponsor. The amazing work of these Bicycle Shop Owners/ Handmade Bike Builders is not only limited to road bikes, but also mountain, tandem bicycles, cruisers, & fat bikes. While in Denver, ProGold got to stop at about 30 LBS over the days and even got to stop in on Sports Authority Corporate :)!


As ProGold continues on it’s 2013 Tour, stops will be made in Murietta, CA for the Tour of Murietta. The Following day ProGold will hop over to Bakerfield, CA for the Kerrysville Classic Event. Then on to  Santa Cruz Mountain Bike Festival in Aptos, CA. Of course stops will be made at the LBS of several California shops. As March comes to a close ProGold will then Turn towards Monterey, CA. for  the Sea Otter event and at the end of the month for the Whiskey 50.

Trick to using the ProGold Extreme Lube, don’t put it on as often -it LASTS! Ride Well Ride Safe in 2013.  Bruce.

Handmade Show

Handmade Show



Alex Work: Testimonial

ProGold Lubricants have kept my bike riding smooth and clean during a muddy season of cyclocross.  The Blast Off Degreaser is a powerful and effective way to hit the reset button on my drivetrain to revive it to a clean state.  [ProLink] is durable and effective and keeps my bike running well far longer than other lubes. I recommend ProGold!

Alex Work 

Rock Lobster Factory Rider

Voyager #3: He’s back!

ProGold’s comic book series continues with Voyager #3! The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived has successfully traversed the harsh cliff-side trails of the Forgotten Valley. However, saving the world from enslavement by extraterrestrials will be no easy task; as he enters the final leg of his journey, aliens aren’t the only ones out to get him.

Featuring more action, more bikes, and more ProGold!

Read Issue #3 Here! (PDF, 7.98MB)

Voyager #3


Dirty Drivetrain- before Blast Off!

Using the word “mechanic” is accepted for pit workers during a cyclocross race, but the racers do not come in for mechanicals as much as they do for a clean bike. A racer may roll a tire or drop a chain, but when they come in the pit for such it isn’t because they still plan on victory…it’s just to finish at that point. The racers coming in to exchange their 35 pound mud coated rigs, they are still dogs in the fight and need the advantage of a clean 16 pound bike with nothing impeding their drive train or clogging up the brakes.

Most races’ pit mechanics are just standing there just in case and may do a bike exchange for a racer that wants a different tire selection or air pressure, but it is feast or famine. Muddy races provide a certain challenge for the pit staff, methodically washing a bike and freeing the drive train takes more work and less patience than simply turning a limit screw or adjusting PSI. Your job is to not let the race conditions decide the race for your athlete. You have to know how much time between pits you have to get the task done, you have to figure out what “good enough” is and you have to know what resources you have available.

Any good pit crew should have two mechanics, tools, a wash bucket and an array of brushes for every surface of the bike and drive train, and then comes the necessary fluids.

A week and a half ago was the Masters Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville KY. I went to Kentucky on Friday to be a pit mechanic for 3 races throughout the day. Upon getting set up for the first race of the day we realized that the previous day’s mud was still there, NOT frozen back over like we’d though it would but instead insulated by a light fluffy layer of snow. This was about to be a GROSS day despite the 18 degree high for the day! We set up shop in the pits only to find that the pressure washers were completely frozen up and would not be available. This was a MAJOR problem.

Being dedicated to making sure our racers would be limited by the conditions as little as possible, the selection of fluids I mentioned earlier became more important than ever!

Being a ProGold user, Prolink aerosol, Xtreme and I would soon learn Blast Off were the selection for today.
Once we filled our wash bucket and added de-icer to it to keep it liquid the races were off. We would soon see that any attempt to hand wash these bikes resulted in iced over drive trains and pedals that were unable to be lubed. Realizing that a completely clean bike was improbable with out the pressure washers we focused on removing clumps of mud by hand, clearing the brakes and focusing on a clean, freely shifting drivetrain. Blast Off became the game changer during these races. It’s powerful solvent quickly melted away the ice and mud from drive train and pedals, clearing a catalytic path for Xtreme to be applied and the powerful propellant did it’s name sake proud BLASTING stuff it was aimed at OFF.

After a lubed drive train with Xtreme, Prolink coated all the derailleur pivots, pedals and down tube to keep a barrier between components and mud for quicker removal next pit stop.

I would say that after three races in these conditions our selections were fruitful because two out of three landed on the podium in the World Championships!

Thanks to Bruce for that second can of Blast Off, we began to panic when we emptied the first one!
I reckon I should also give a shout out to Pro Towels for cleaning the mud off of my brush handles when I got back home too!

Drew Hager
Industry Nine


GA Cyclocross Championship 2012

Here are a couple of photos from the Georgia Cyclocross State Championship from earlier this month.

The race was held at Sandy Beach Park located on Lake Tobesofkee in Macon, GA. Cyclo-Cross challenges riders with a variety of obstacles, tight turns, steep climbs, and descents. The course is just over 2 miles long with the races lasting either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes.

NFCC Bike Fix-up

Last weekend, volunteers gathered together to clean up bikes for children as part of the North Fulton Community Charities’ Santa Shop. Thanks to Douglas Fallon for sending us some pictures of ProGold in action on the big day!

You can read more about the NFCC’s Bike Drive at their website: