ProGold’s 2017 Event Schedule

ProGold Tent

ProGold is excited to get the 2017 season going, stop by our tent and say Hello. Below is a list of the events, the ProGold Tent will be attending for the 2017 race season.


1 Feb. 11th Gone Riding Series Palm Coast, Florida Mountain Bike Race
2 Feb. 17,18 & 19 Epic Rides-24 Hours Old Pueblo Tucson, Arizona Mountain Bike Race
3 Feb. 25th & 26th Gone Riding Series Hialeah, Florida Mountain Bike Race
4 Mar. 4th & 5th Gone Riding Series Sunrise, Florida Mountain Bike Race
5 Mar. 10,11 & 12 Santos Fat Tire Bike Show Santos, Florida Consumer Show
6 Mar. 18th & 19th Gone Riding Series Newberry, Florida Mountain Bike Race
7 March 25 & 26 Gone Riding Series Hialeah, Florida Mountain Bike Race
8 Apr. 1st & 2nd Gone Riding Series Bryson City, N.C. Mountain Bike Race
9 Apr. 8th and 9th Gone Riding Series Conyers, Georgia Mountain Bike Race
10 Apr. 20 thru 24 Sea Otter Classic Monterey, California All Aspects
11 Apr. 28,29 & 30 Epic Rides-Whiskey Off Road Prescott, Arizona Mountain Bike Race
12 May 7th Gone Riding Series Orlando, Florida Mountain Bike Race
13 May 19,20 & 21 Epic Rides Grand Junction Off Road Grand Junction, Colorado Mountain Bike Race
14 June 3rd NUE Race-Mohican 100 Loudonville, Ohio Mountain Bike Race
15 June 17th NUE Race-Lumberjack 100 Wellston, Michigan Mountain Bike Race
16 June 24th & 25th WORS Race-Red Flint Firecracker Eau Claire, Wisconsin Mountain Bike Race
17 July 7, 8 & 9 WORS Cup Cascade Mtn., Wisconsin Mountain Bike Race
18 July 14-15-16 Dirt Fest West Virginia Mountain Bike Festival
19 July 22 & 23 WORS Collective Coffee Bean Classic Waukesha, Wi Mountain Bike Race
20 July 29, 30 & 31 UCI Mountain Bike Race Walpole, Massachusettes Mountain Bike Race
21 August 5th Concord Criterium Concord, N.H. Road Race
22 Aug. 11,12 & 13 Pro GRT/XCT Windham, N.Y. Mountain Bike Race
23 August 19th NUE Race-Crotched Mountain100 Bennington, N.H. Mountain Bike Race
24 August 26 & 27 WORS Treadfest Lake Geneva, Wi. Mountain Bike Race
25 Sept. 3rd NUE Race-Shenandoah 100 Harrisonburg, Va. Mountain Bike Race
26 Sept. 9th Gone Riding Series Ocala, Florida Cyclocross Race
27 Sept. 16th & 17th Gone Riding Series Tallahassee, Florida Mountain Bike Race
28 Sept. 28,29,30 Oct. 1 KMC CrossFest Thompson, Connecticut Cyclocross Race
29 Oct. 13,14 & 15 Coldwater Mountain Fat Tire Fest Anniston, Alabama Festival
30 Oct. 21st & 22nd Cyclofest-Interbike East Charlotte, NC Trade and Consumer Show
31 Nov. 3rd & 4th Iceman Race Traverse City, Michigan Mountain Bike Race
32 Nov. 11th & 12th Philly Bike Expo Philadelphia, Pa Consumer Show
33 Dec. 2nd & 3rd Gone Riding Series Hialeah, Florida Mountain Bike Race
34 Dec. 9th & 10th NC Cross Hendersonville, NC Cyclocross Race

Catching up with ProGold Ambassador Brian Matter

Clinics, Carson, and Camps: Oh My


It wasn’t long at home before the crazy travel kicked into full force!  A trip to the UP to Copper Harbor for the Big Boy Skillz Clinic, a flight from a tiny UP airport out to Tahoe for the Carson City Offroad, and then back to the UP for Michigan Tech Jr. Mtb Camp:  check it out.


3 Days of Skills in Copper Harbor! Not Bad!

If you haven’t been to Copper Harbor you need to get there, the town is magical and the riding is even better!



20 people walked away stoked on Mountain Biking and with more confidence than ever!

The Top of Brockway Mtn has some amazing views for miles and once you are up top….back down is a blast!

Read the full post @


Cyclocross Magazine awards ProGold for best chain lube


For 2015, Cyclocross Magazine voters overwhelmingly choose ProGold as their favorite lubrication for their cyclocross bike.
ProGold has been a friend of the cyclocross community for years, even helping out those with the muddiest of bikes. For riders who are unlucky enough to escape the harshest conditions of cyclocross, ProGold has its standard Prolike chain lube, but for the rougher conditions, the company also offers their Xtreme chain lube.


How do you know a lube is working? You forget that it’s there.

Pro Gold Extreme Lube

Derrick St John


How do you know a lube is working?  You forget that it’s there.

That’s exactly what happened earlier this winter when I started the PRO Gold Challenge. I ride my bike to work 4 days a week after “warming up” for a few hours on my computrainer.  I wanted to see how long I could go without lubing my drive train. Keep in mind my daily riding is roughly an hour a day to and from. The Conditions speak for themselves, anywhere between -2 and -30, snow, slush, ice, form on paths and bridge crossings in Ottawa to form a substance that I call “Snush” which is a combination of all the above and PRO Gold lubes somehow still shifts with this mess of winter mixed in to the drive-train.

So I ride to work, hang the bike in the basement, and grab it at the end of the day for the trek back home.  I’m pleased to say that the drive train test lasted so long, I forgot I was doing it. I went just under 4 weeks without having to lube the drive train.  That is absolutely crazy compared to other product. I’m still on the same bottle of PRO Gold Extreme Lube. In comparison last year I went through about 4 bottles of another product, so I can say it works at least 4 times better and my shifting has stayed pretty good considering the conditions.

That’s how I know a lube works, I forget that it’s there.  For me, it’s such a huge time saver.   When I finish my training, I basically change shorts, bundle up and set off to the office.  I don’t have the time or patience to mess around with lube in the freezing cold in between the training and the commute, after all I have to keep all my body heat as long as I can.

Sure, it’s just bike lube, it’s not the most exciting or sexy product out there, but when you’re riding in -20, you need your bike to be working because you need every watt you can get to battle the wind and the snow. Studies have shown a clean and lubed drive train can definitely save you a few watts.  There’s a reason is called PRO Gold, because that’s what the Pros use.

Unless you have extra time or money to spend on lube, do yourself a favor, get PRO Gold and forget about it.


Derrick St John

Silber Pro Cyling

LaRuta de Los Conquistadores is Hell on bikes.

LaRuta de Los Conquistadores is Hell on bikes. Primeval Jungle mud, ancient dirt roads with golf ball sized rocks caked in decades of coal dust and diesel fumes, and hot liquefied sand that’s been baking in the Caribbean sun all day just waiting to attack your bikes moving parts. And that’s just one day! My week in Costa Rica brought out the best in me and my equipment and showed me that the spirit of competition and the excitement for bicycle racing is worldwide. The Ticos (so Costa Ricans call themselves) make a BIG deal out of La Ruta, and so they should. Over 500 Athletes came from over 25 countries to “race” from the jungle forests of the Pacific over the volcanic mountains of the central valley, and on to Caribbean coast on the third and final day and I was privileged and thrilled to be one of them.

I chose my familiar Pivot LES singlespeed for the job. The Les and I have been good friends all season winning USAC XC SS Nationals, the NUE series Singlespeed title, and numerous other events along the way. After a whole season of snapping necks and cashing checks we were headed to La Ruta, where the only thing you don’t know to prepare for is everything. Bike prep and security is handled daily by the notoriously aggressive Specialized CR mechanics. These guys know what they are doing and make things shine, unfortunately they also have the distinct advantage of sending you and your bike home in whatever condition after three days under their eye. These guys clean and race prep 350 bikes each and every night of LaRuta and deliver them the following day at the start line cleaned, lubed, and ready to kick it into gear. As best I could gather from prior racers the process involves Kerosene and water for cleaning, diesel oil for chains, and im pretty sure my rear brake was bled with actual lizard blood…which comes in pretty close to mineral oil in viscosity apparently! So not only are the volcanoes, pythons, and rail bridges over croc infested rivers out to get you, but Specialized CR will blast all of those things clean into your bottom bracket!

So going into LaRuta I knew the preparation for me and my bike was key, what could I do to full proof myself and my gear against the Jungle and the Spesh Brute Squad? Easy, roll over to my cleaning bucket and select four ProGold products which I knew well and had tested all year.

1)      EPX Cycle Grease- The kind folks at Blue Ridge Cyclery in Charlottesville VA and I pre packed my headset bearings and new BB with EPX knowing they would withstand a lot of force from pressure washing and also extended and repeated submersion followed by repeated cycles of low cadence high torque. EPX did its job and allowed my bearings to roll smooth for the duration. No horror stories about bearings here…pythons…that’s another matter



2)      Pro Gold Pro towels. I use the big bucket of these little gold treasures at home but the TSA frowns on anything that smells like anything and comes in sizes greater than 3oz so it was singles for me and my LES. Thee little guys are good for everything! Chains-obviously. Cassettes (or ss cogs in my shoes), chainrings, and frame surfaces-check. Saddles and grips-sure! I gotta keep my custom ‘Merica ESi Grips clean and shiny after all! The pro towels do their job and you get a ton of mileage out of one or two. I keep several in my toolbox for going to races and they did overtime on shoes and apparel during LaRuta.


pro towels

3)      Pro Gold Helmet Cleaner and Deodorizer . This stuff is a LIFESAVER! I know, helmet schmelmet…who caaaares about how clean your helmet is?!! While let me tell you, its not so much how clean my helmet is but how clean those pads are! I use it about once a month on my shoes and on the whole surface of my helmet. I do this because I do actually like clean and shiny things but more importantly because I like to keep my skin shiny and skin cancer free, which means sunscreen. Sunscreen in skin lotion daily and especially strong ‘screen for 6 hrs of Costa Rican Sol! This sunscreen has a nasty habit of getting in the helmet pads and riding along with the sweat streaming off my ginger skin and straight into my eyes. Nothing burns like sunscreen in the eyes. Nothing! One spray of ProGold Helmet cleaner once a month or so and not only will I keep my junk skunk free but Im guaranteed free of sunscreen and other nasty stuff that likes to camp out where my pale forehead meets the helmet.


PG Helmet

4)      ProGold EXTREME!!! Because whats more extreme than LaRuta?! Not anything actually. I knew full well that Mike Sinyard’s boys would be slinging the fabled good cheer and diesel oil and while as a singlespeed rider Im not plagued by the normal ailments of poorly lubed chains but that doesn’t mean I don’t want a smooth, clean, and functional drivetrain. I usually keep a small bottle dropper of lube in a zip-up bag I refer to lovingly as my “oh-shit kit” and LaRuta was no exception. So Diesel oil or not I brought that Extreme dropper and used it more than a couple of times on stages 1 and 3 when things got extra steep and extra deep.


ProGold Xtreme Chain Lube


So that’s the chronicle of how ProGold made things faster, easier, and mo’ better down at La Ruta de Los Conquistadores. I finished my race safely, goal number one, and brought home the first place singlespeed prize for the first year they offered the category. I was also the only singlespeed rider to finish this years event…ill let that one lie right there.  Overall I was third American and somewhere in the top 30 overall. Heres to LaRuta 2015, now with more Jungle!!

-Gordon W. Quadsworth-


Gordon W. Quadsworth



Congrats Brian Matter on 4th win of Iceman Cometh In Traverse City Michigan

Iceman Returneth!


10 years later! Still on a carbon Trek bike w/ Bontrager wheels, XTR components, and Rock Shox Suspension!

Wow – So pumped I don’t know where to begin. My goal this year was to win the Triple Crown and have a repeat performance of my 2004 season 10 years later. I was a bike length away from accomplishing that goal…

Of course I also wanted to win another Iceman and become the only 4 time winner in the mens race.

As I was preparing for Iceman I felt like everything was going against me. My dog Oscor was diagnosed with Cancer the week prior and I had to cancel my trip to Cincy, I did a local CX race instead and my pedal broke which made me really nervous about my 2nd set of pedals on my mtb bike, I crashed pretty hard and broke my race bike during my final training ride the night before I was scheduled to depart. All stressful things in there own special way. I had fleeting thoughts that I might never win Iceman again with the increasing level of competition every year and my increasing age!

Luckily I have an awesome wife who is a nurse and is giving Oscor the best care possible. Luckily I have and awesome CX mechanic who helped out with the broken bike. Luckily Matt O from Trek Factory Racing helped me with a pedal swap 30 minutes before the race started! Luckily I have done this a time or two and I knew I was fit and just had to make it to the start line.

I arrived to TC Thursday night at about 8pm and just walking in the front door of the Grand Traverse I felt more relaxed, almost at home. I still remember to this day back in 1993 walking in the front door and going up the glass elevator to my room with Dan from the Village Cyclery in Pinckney, Andy, and the Buermans for my very first Iceman. This year was no. 21! Hard to believe.

Read the rest of the story @ Brian’s blog at


Iceman – The Pro Treatment


It’s 38 degrees and raining/sleeting.  The wind is blowing the remaining leaves off the trees and those that are already on the ground are whipping in every direction.  I finished my last Iceman prep ride last night along with dialing in my bike mechanically.  I got a good night’s sleep and today I’ll make the 8 hour drive up and around Lk Michigan to Traverse City.  Only one thing left to do and that’s clean the bike….and I really don’t want to do it….

So I’m going to bust it out quick.

Step 1:  Pro Gold Blast Off – A really fast way to take care of the majority of the guck on the driveline.  After I blast the drive I’ll spray everything down with a hose.

Step 2:  Pro Gold Bike Wash/Degreser – I’ll spray the entire bike and let it sit for about 5 minutes.

Step 3:  Pro Gold Towels – While waiting 5 minutes I’ll take a Pro Gold Towell and wipe down any excess mud, grease, grime, from the frame and the drive.

That’s it….hit it with a hose and you are done….in less than 8 minutes you are totally ready to rock.  After that I’ll dry the bike.

PG Blast

PG TowelPG WashPG XT


Step 4:  Pro Link – A quick very light application that will protect the chain for the drive and allow for a good pre-ride.

Step 5:  Back to the Towel, but this time travel size because its the night before the race and I’m in the hotel room.  With only a light coat of Pro Link before the preride it’ll be easy to have the bike spotless again with one towel.

Step 6:  Pro Gold XTreme – A final coat of lube the night before the race.  I’ve found that the XTreme works good in all conditions….not just gnarly Iceman stuff…..but it really likes the mud!

Step 7:  Pro Gold Shine – and just because its Iceman I’ll shine her up for Good Luck!

See you on the start line…at the very least I’ll be looking good!