Another Awesome Product

I love to do work on my bike.  One of the downsides is the amount of dirt and grease I get on my hands and shop rags.  It’s seemed inevitable that I’d be dirtying up rag after rag whenever I did maintenance on my bikes.

Enter ProGold ProTowels.  I first bought these in order to clean my Cyclocross and Mountain bikes after short rides, when just a quick clean was needed.  They have since been relegated to many bigger roles.  I use the towels to clean my hands, chains, frame, shifty bits, pretty much anything in the shop that gets dirty I can whip out a ProTowel and get it clean.

I also like that they can be recycled so after I’m done I just toss it in the paper bin with everything else going out for the week.

I’ve been using these towels for about 6 months now and really recommend them for any DIY’er to keep around the shop, they don’t just work great for bikes I use them to clean up after all sorts of household and home improvement related tasks.

Thanks Progold for making another awesome product I can use to make my life a little easier!


Carter Chappell

901 Racing

ProTowels Testimonial