I only trust ProGold !!

My name is Jon Pettit.  A wonderer, lover of getting lost, bike rep, wrench, appreciator of great whiskey and cold pbr’s.  I’ve traveled the US down the continental divide, spent my youth in the muck and mud of the Pacific Northwest ruining equipment and burning through lubes, cleaners and what not’s, now I rip across the desserts of the southwest in the dust and heat encountering all sorts of mechanical issues and harsh vegetation.  I Co-habitat with a pro racer, my garage seems to be the local shop, I’ve lost count of the amount of builds, overhauls and repairs done in one of my favorite spaces.

I use whatever works, and works the best.  I met Bruce in Prescott for the first real time, and have since kept in steady contact with the nomadic lube man.  He dispatched some of his goods a couple years back and to my surprise, it wasn’t a junk hand off, I’m skeptical of products that boast such names as “the best stuff ever?!!!!!   Usually means you’re going to use it till it’s gone and go back to your old ways.  But from day one, I was proved wrong and not only does Bruce use his enthusiasm for bikes but it matches his knowledge of products.  We sometimes have 8 bikes that hang in the garage, and right now I have another two bikes I’m building for friends.  The girls rode team was in town earlier this year, and that meant washing 8 bikes every day, cleaning, lubing and riding, and we tried to get some bike work done too….

From the progold bike wash/degreaser, luber pen (my personal favorite), extreme lube, citrus degreaser and the gnarly blast off that will surely cure any ugly incident.   I turned some wrenched for FCS/Zngine earlier this year for the San Dimas road race and a couple others.  While traveling with the team I wasn’t able to bring out my usual accoutrement of tools and goodies.  I sorely missed my ProGold loving, working with subpar cleaner and lubes was frustrating, and didn’t leave the bikes with the usual shine and sparkle, when you’ve got Amber Neben winning the TT, you want the bike to be perfect.

From the road rigs, tt bikes and more importantly the mountains bikes that see thousands of miles of abuse in the dusty, rocky heavens of Arizona and beyond I only trust ProGold to leave me with the end result I’m looking for, and while doing clinics for SRAM and Rockshox Its only going to be progold products that get used on my own rides and those I get to fix in the compounds of my compound.

There’ll be more from the trail, but use the best, leaves us for more time on the trails, with people and friends we love and of course whiskey and ice cold PBR’s, until next time JP.