Devon Balet: Testimonial

Forget what you use to think of chain lube.

There are a few things in the cycling world that are heavily debated, one of which is chain lube. Dry lube, wax based lube, lube on a ride or let it dry. Every detail of chain lube can be debated.

Over the winter I have been doing some testing on the Pro Gold Extreme, a newer chain lube in the Pro Gold line up. My first experience of the brand started 15 years ago while I was working in a bike shop growing up. I worked in a mostly road shop and we praised and swore by the Pro Gold lube. Over the years many other chain lube options have come about, but the Pro Gold brand is still holding strong.

With in the increase in popularity of mountain biking, so came the necessity to create lubes that were geared towards mountain biking. Mountain bikers cross streams, ride in sand and tend to be negligent of their equipment.
One major subject of debate with chain lubes is how often do you need to lube your chain. In my opinion, people tend to over lube their chain, then causing issues they thought they would avoid by lubing. The past few months I have been seeing just how long I can go without reapplying lube.
Before setting out on a three day tour, I washed my bike with the Pro Gold Pro Towels and then gave the chain a healthy dose of Pro Gold Extreme. The Extreme lube has been reformulated to be longer lasting and hold up to the conditions of mountain biking. After pedaling my bike 220 miles in three days, my chain was still going strong. No squeaking and the chain was completely clean. I knew that my route didn’t hand out the same conditions as a single track ride would, so the tests continued.

The desert of Arizona will dish out just about everything you could ever need to test a chain lube. Stream crossings, deep sand, blowing dirt, dry climate and hot hot sun. After 160 miles of single track and two weeks of travel with my bike on the back of my van, my chain is still perfectly clean and perfectly quiet. Hellacious dust storms, stream crossings leaving your lower body soaked, NorCal morning frost and humid salty air of the west coast and the Extreme lube continues to impress.

So the question really is; How far can you go on a single lube application?