ProGold heads West!

After a break back to Atlanta in late February until early March, the ProGold Tour 2012 has traveled to southern California for 3 incredible events. The first event was at Bonelli Park in San Dimas, CA which held the Pro XTC where over 700 riders were in attendance. Stan’s No Tube Women’s Team was again supported with the ProGold Lubricants products. Jenny Smith, Vicky Barclay, Sarah Kaufman, Kelia Hart, and all other participants in the event were treated to the ProGold Degreaser/Wash compliments of ProGold Lubricants.

It was amazing to see the reaction of the riders as their bikes were brought back to *NEW* by the ProGold Degreaser/Wash. I highly recommend you contact your local bike shop for a chance to make this ‘miracle’ happen for your neglected and filthy bike. Along with the bike wash, each participant got a 1/2 oz bottle of ProGold Extreme.

The next event ProGold attended was in San Diego, CA along the coast at The Pink Peleton where they cater to the ladies. The ProGold Tour was able to provide the ProGold Bike Wash for their annual cleaning event for each participant. Please check out the Pink Peleton in Cardiff, CA.

As the Tour progresses up the coast and inland through the beautiful landscape of California, the Tour is stopping at the LBS’s to demonstrate the stellar ProGold Products. Check in next time…the tour will be making stops at the following locations: Fontanna race on March 24-25; Santa Cruz Festival, April 14-15; and, walking around Sea Otter on April 22, 2012.


Please Ride Well and Ride Safe in 2012 with ProGold.

Bruce Dickman

Voyager #2

The next Voyager is here! Issue #2 of ProGold’s comic book series follows the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived as he pedals his bike through a dangerous valley filled with strange creatures that time forgot. Will he master the ancient art of the Bicycle in time to save the entire world from the alien agenda? With the help of ProGold Xtreme and a handy ProGold Chain Gauge, he just might be up to the task! However, another biker is trailing him through the jungle, and her intentions are malevolent…




Read Issue #2 Here! (PDF, 6.3 MB)
Voyager Issue #2

ProGold in Arizona!

As the ProGold Tour finishes its Arizona tour, ProGold Lubricants was present for many aspects of the cycling life in Phoenix, Tucson, Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott and several other Arizona communities.

ProGold helped support the ladies of Stan’s NoTube Team, along with several pro solo riders and single-speeders and all racers alike with 1/2 oz ProGold Extreme bottles. The 24 Hours of Old Pueblo had over 3500 participants for the 13th year of this event. What a festival it was for sure. I highly recommend this event if you’re looking for something to do in February 2013. Thanks to the many riders and of course the staff at for all they do. The next Epic Ride event is the Whiskey 50 in April; and yes, ProGold will be on hand again to show their support.

The ProGold Tour heads back east for 8 days for the Southeast Expo, the finale of the Snake Creek Gap TT, and some much needed R&R.

Ride well, ride safe, with ProGold Lubricants!

Bruce Dickman
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