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Presenting the new ProGold comic book: Voyager!

Follow the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived as he attempts to escape from the dense jungles of wherever on board a cross country bike.

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Headed Home

Hangin’ out in Nashville, TN in the ProGold van in the rain down by the river, I have had some time to think about what this quest to Canada has been all about. I have heard from many of you in the cycling world during the tour and it appears the consensus is that ProGold Xtreme Lube and ProGold Bike Wash/Degreaser is for real and doesn’t get any better. Really, as I also reflect and get closer to Atlanta, I want to send a personal thank you to each and every one of you that have housed me, fed me, let me use their shower, had me watch their kids, and last but not least, washed my dirty kits . Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Since my last blog update, I returned to the States in PA, OH, KY, and TN…not bad for a ProGold tour. While driving through OH, I got to stop at the Bicycle Museum of America where I brought a gallon of ProGold Bike Wash so they could wash their collection of over 900 bikes. What a great sight! It really is a must-see side spur if you get a chance (pictures will follow later). While in Louisville, KY, I rode two mountain bike rides and one road ride, plus, I had the chance to meet the folks from the KYMBA. Super job by that organization and I would like to thank them for the great trails at Waverly and Cherokee Parks. The shops that I have visited have been thoroughly pleased with the great new products that ProGold offers, so check them out online www. and then go demand to have some in your local bike shop!!! Just Sayin’!

Well, I just wanted to write this blog and say thanks to those of you that are reading, helping, and calling as I make my way around this beautiful country of North America EH! Look for the Progold tour to continue on August 24 with the Freedom Ride 2011 as we make our way to New York City from Atlanta, GA by bike for the tenth anniversary of September 11. Check it out!


Bruce Dickman
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ProGold in Toronto!

The ProGold tour has been on the move since the last post! While in Toronto, Canada, I was able to tour the city by road and mountain bike! I visited over 20 bike shops including one shop, Urbane Outfitters, which is a co-op that has been around 30 years and caters mainly to the ‘fixie’ crowd! Well, ProGold Xtreme Lube came to the rescue. Also, while in Toronto, I was able to take in the sites of the islands and look back over this great northern city.

After hanging around the city, I took a look at the NUE (National Ultra Endurance Series) calendar and map and off I went 7 hours to the Wilderness 101 in Cogburn, PA. It is a great time with well over 500 of your closest friends who have some serious skills for riding mountain bikes. Well, there was no better time to break out the ProGold Xtreme Lube to prove the worth of this stellar lubricant. Check out the ProGold Bikes Facebook page for the lube love stories!!! The best part of the day was just being out with all the riders enjoying the ride, not the race!!!

After the event, ProGold treated all of the riders that wanted it to a free test of the ProGold Bike Wash!! At first, there were plenty of naysayers, but not after they tried the ProGold Bike Wash…they were totally sold on it!! Get some for yourself. You won’t be disappointed, I promise you!


Bruce Dickman