ProGold 2011 Tour

The 2011 ProGold Tour has begun with a first stop in Colorado. WOW! ProLink chain lube is so respected in most shops that it is an amazing feeling to walk into a shop and get that warm fuzzy feel. What a Colorado Tour it has been so far! First stop of the tour consisted of the Beti Bike Bash II outside of Denver @Bear Creek Park. The top ladies in the world came down to compete in this year’s Beti Bash sponsored by ProGold, Yeti Bikes, Sram, Golden Bike Shop, Outdoor Divas, and many more. With the likes of Georgia Gould, Katie Compton, Erin Huck, Nicole Duke, Krista Park, Kelli Boniface and many more ladies, it was a terrific event with over 250 woman in attendance. Georgia Gould took the win by the way. Check out for more information.

As the ProGold Tour continued, it worked its way toward Golden, CO, Boulder, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, Lyons, CO, and Estes Park, CO. Stops on the Pro Gold Tour were plentiful with over 30 locations throughout Colorado. The trip to Colorado Springs was filled with great anticipation when ProGold teamed with USA CYCLING and formed a sponsorship with its athletic and event Management teams for upcoming events throughout the US & Europe. As the tour traveled to Golden & Boulder, stops were made along the way to Golden Bike Shop, Pace Cycles, Veccichio’s Cycles, Full Cycles, and University Cycles. ProGold also met with IMBA during it two day stop in Boulder. ProGold is now a Corporate Sponsor of IMBA as well and will supply IMBA’s Bike Patrol throughout the USA.

As the our moved further north to Lyons & Estes Park, CO, several trips were made to the local bike shops in both areas. ProLink is very respected throughout Colorado, and I believe that with the additions of new products Pro Towels & Xtreme it will continue a steady growth in this part of the USA.

Until next time, my name is Bruce Dickman a twenty year veteran of mountain biking, road riding, beach cruisers, and just the enjoyment of the ride. The ProGold Tour will continue next to Virginia, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, PA, Vermont, & Canada. Check back often for my ProGold blogs.


Bruce Dickman

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